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10 Board Games That Aren’t Boring

You bored of Settlers of Catan? Here are some different board games you should try!


This game is a mix between Lord of the Rings and Risk, but I do not like Risk and I love this game. With certain cards, you put a token on a city and gain points each round from how many tokens you put on that certain city or other cities. If you play with more than two people, you get three rounds. Depending on the types of cards you choose, you can steal others, play twice, place tokens wherever you want, etc. This game is very entertaining and strategic. 


Make sure you don't get stuck in a certain city with an epidemic because then you're in trouble. This game is about making sure you and all your team members survive, eradicate diseases, and keep the cities clean of infection! It's pretty intense when you start because you realize you have certain objectives, but you might not be able to safe yourself or the world. There are also many versions of this game, one that even lasts "12 months."


This game is pretty easy to get a handle on. It's a four player game trying to build a 5X5 kingdom around your hub. The blocks shown above have a certain type of landscape and you have to match the landscape when another block is put on your kingdom. It's a fun, fast game that you and your group can play a couple times, but be careful because you might get addicted. 


I love this game. You pick three jewels every round or you buy a card with the jewels you have. You play up to 15. That might not be a big number but it might take awhile to get it. Every time you get a new jewel from the cards you just accrued that jewel and you can use that in your count to buy another card. After a big game my family plays this pretty quickly. It's pretty fun and very simple. 

Century: Spice Road

This game is a bit like the game above. It's very easy to play and doesn't take long to explain. You have to accrue the "spices" to get more cards and the cards you buy you keep to also get more cards. The goal is to get six cards. Once you get six cards, you each add up your points and see who wins. Depending on the kind of cards, you could get a token which is also worth points in the end. This is another game we play after a big game. 

Exploding Kittens

Now this isn't a board game. It's a card game, but it is hilarious. Even if you don't get it to play it get it to laugh at the cards. It's a game about screwing people over and having a laugh. It is a game for everyone, except maybe little kids. The cards are pretty strange! Ha! If you were to get any game on this list I would recommend this the most probably! And there is an expansion pack!


So this is another one of my favorite games. Top five for sure! Anyway, this game has many bells and whistles so I won't really explain it but you have to get as many points as possible and you have to move your people all around the map! And another fun thing, they have different maps other than this one! I've only played with this one so I want to play with the other ones! A fun game to collect, if you ask me! 


This is probably the most confusing game, if you ask me. You are essentially building a farm but there are complications based on the cards you have and the cards you will buy. There are, I believe, three levels but you get many turns during the level. It's a pretty fun game, but the most confusing on this list. 

Secret Hitler

This game is pretty funny and it's better if you play with more people. We played this game with about seven people. You have a card in your hand and someone's card is Hitler. Some of you are the people who hate Hitler and others are fascist or communists, I can't remember, but you have to figure out who secret Hitler is among your family or friends. It's a very mysterious game and pretty fun once you get the hang of it!

'Hogwarts Battle'

If you love Harry Potter, you will love this game! My brother-in-law got me and my husband this game and we love it. It takes you on a journey of all seven years of Hogwarts and you have to battle bad guys. Each year, the problems get harder and harder and playing with more people is definitely more helpful because their points will help you destroy Voldemort. 

HB Rich
HB Rich

I am a recent college grad in Business Communication I am a Marketing Assistant for a digital signage company now and I just write for fun! I'm hoping to become a published writer one day! #anythinghelps

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10 Board Games That Aren’t Boring
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