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10 Gifts for Dungeons & Dragons Players Your Friend Will Love

Get any of these gifts for Dungeons & Dragons players, and your friends will say you rolled a 20.

If there's anything that geeks can agree on, it's how picky tabletop gamers can be about their gifts. That old go-to for gifting some new expansion or a crate of beer just isn't enough to make for a memorable present. 

Picking gifts for picky people is never easy. Even the most creative gifts will get mixed results. This is doubly true if you're dealing with Warhammer 40K players (Hint: don't bother trying to shop for a Warhammer fan!) or advanced Dungeons & Dragons players. 

Trying to get a good and unique gift for a gamer is brutal enough to make you rethink your friendships. That being said, we all have that one Dungeon Master that we love—or maybe, that one group of friends that we love to play with. 

You gotta show them some love once in a while. Thankfully, you can make your favorite DM a lot happier by getting them one of these hand-picked gifts for Dungeons & Dragons players below.

Don't Worry, I Have A Plan T-Shirt by D20

If you have ever played a tour which just seemed like a complete mess, then you already know this as a go-to catchphrase among both Dungeon Masters and game players. You *have* to come up with a plan to kill those baddies. 

Sure, you might have to do a couple of dice rolls in order to do it, but there's definitely a way to do it without killing your whole party. Right? Right?? 

Anyone who's been in this position can tell you why this is one of the better gifts for Dungeons & Dragons players out there. They will laugh when they see this, guaranteed.

Dungeon Master Hoodie by RPG Fantasy Tabletop Tees

Dungeons & Dragons isn't really a game that you might think of as friendly, but there are some gifts for Dungeons and Dragons players that might make you rethink that. 

This subtle rainbow-themed dice hoodie gives a nod to both D&D as well as gay pride. It also comes with a front pocket for all your dice and pencils. Rolling for a successful hit never looked so darned good. 

Dry Erase Reusable D&D Map by Evolve Skins

Tired of having to draw out maps every time you start a new campaign? This dry erase D&D map is an easy way to reduce the time it takes to make a map and set up your campaign. This map transforms any table into a campaign world of your choosing in seconds. 

Every spot on this grid is one square inch, giving your players just enough space to put their pieces on. This is an amazing game addition for anyone who really gets into world building in their D&D pursuits. 

Dungeons and Dragons Mimic Pouch by Ultra Pro

Most D&D-related gifts you'll see are pretty badass, but this one's a little bit different. If you look at your bestiary, you'll find out that this cute little pouch is supposed to be based on a creature called a Mimic. 

Mimics disguise themselves as treasures, and then attack the poor adventurer who tries to pick them up. Thankfully, this little guy won't attack you! He's just a stuffed pouch that's perfectly sized for your dice collection. 

Worried about losing your treasures? A hook setup allows you to keep the pouch closed and secure while you're on the go. 

Spellbook Cards by Dungeons and Dragons

The Dungeon Master's Guide is the go-to resource for D&D players, as it should be. Finding all those item stats can be pretty exhausting, but these cards make it way easier. 

This officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons merchandise offers up cards that tell the statistics behind every single magic item you can put in a dungeon. If it's in the official guide, it's in this card series. 

Sure, it may not be a mandatory part of Dungeons & Dragons, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be part of your gaming experience. Your D&D group will thank you for getting this deck, especially when they're trying to get as much action in a single session as possible. 

Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History (Special Edition) by Michael Witmer

Not many game series have as much artwork dedicated to them as Dungeons & Dragons does. This special edition book shows a beautifully illustrated history of one of the world's most popular tabletop RPGs. 

Striking paintings, eye-catching sketches, and fascinating insights into the minds that created D&D are what you can expect. This gift edition also comes with extra goodies for players who can't get enough of their favorite hobby. 

Go ahead. Revel in the history. You know you want to. 

Cerulean Metal Dice Set by Hestya

If there was ever a category of go-to gifts for Dungeons & Dragons players, it's dice. You really can't go wrong with dice if you're trying to please a tabletop gamer. They are amazing little things, really. 

This set of dice from Hestya is stylish as can be and comes with a gorgeous gold zinc alloy metal border. Straight up, they look like they glow with magic powers. Classic single-color dice can eat their hearts out. 

Whether the recipient of this gift is trying to figure out how to get started playing Dungeons & Dragons or has seen many a campaign, these dice are durable, come with a cool dice bag, and will bring a smile to their face. 

The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide by James D'Amato

Nothing quite makes a D&D character come alive like having a great backstory. Any veteran of the Dungeons and Dragons world will back this up. The problem is, most people aren't really natural writers. 

This guide offers a great way to channel your imagination into a brand new character that feels super-realistic. This guide's a little funny, a little awesome, and also perfectly geeky. 

The activities in this guide are super fun! Even if you're not a fan of writing, you will adore this guide just because of what it offers you in terms of entertainment.

The Adventures of: Recordkeeping for Game Masters by Madeline Hale

You came, you saw, you conquered... Now what? If you are a fan of D20 games, the obvious answer is that you would start a new tour and do something brand new. 

However, there's something to be said about actually celebrating the game and reminiscing with friends too. This record keeping journal helps you keep track of all the wild adventures your characters have gone on, plus cool rewards you found along the way.

For people who truly enjoy the company of their gamer friends, this easily will become one of the most treasured gifts for Dungeons & Dragons players one can receive. 

Jumbo D20 Dice Plush Pillow by Ultra Pro

Few gifts for Dungeons & Dragons players will complete a gaming lounge like this cool-as-ice pillow. This D20 dice plushie is 10 inches in diameter and feels incredibly cuddly on cold nights. 

It's squishable, tossable, and even roll-able. Ergo, it's a perfect gift for any role playing game fan. Anyone who has a friend that flaunts their geek pride will love seeing this pillow in their home. 

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10 Gifts for Dungeons & Dragons Players Your Friend Will Love
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