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3 Big Reasons Why Gamers Prefer ROBLOX Over Minecraft

Bear in mind this important fact: it doesn't mean ROBLOX is BETTER.

Truth be told.... I love Minecraft. The design and simplicity of it is rather genius. An open world. And you can build literally anything you want. However, some gamers would argue that the same simplicity that is its strength often can be what ultimately makes it so exhausting!

It takes forever to build stuff. The layout can be a bit repetitive. Not enough versatility, maybe?

Which is why ROBLOX might've been the answer for a lot of gamer out there.

Expect haters from Minecraft to take up arms. Blasphemy, right? Still, those gamers are allowed an opinion for good reason, but I repeat: it doesn't mean that either game's "better" than the other (in fact, technically ROBLOX and Minecraft aren't even games!).

You can't argue with the advantages of ROBLOX, however. For the avid gamer, here's the main key thought to take away from all this: Minecraft is actually for CREATORS; but ROBLOX exists solely for the gamers out there.

For starters, developers created Minecraft, but on ROBLOX. You are the developer of your own "Minecraft."

The appeal of that does have a nice ring to it now, doesn't it? Now although that may seem more like a candy-coated reason for wanting to play ROBLOX over Minecraft, hear this:

You can actually develop your own personal MINECRAFT on ROBLOX.

In other words, you call the shots. You're the one in control. Not a developer. You don't have to buy any skins. You simply create them all on your own. Pretty nifty advantage, right?

The second advantage is obvious: ROBLOX IS FREE TO PLAY!

Free to use, actually. It's basically open source. Minecraft, as you know, you purchase for your desktop, Playstation, XBOX, or smartphone. And you also have to buy the skins you want.

Again, don't get me wrong -- you have to cough up the coin for a game that delivers (and Minecraft does deliver). But arguably the simplest plus on ROBLOX is that the website's free to join, free to build and create. Free everything. Yes, you can purchase additional stuff as you expand your repertoire as a premium ROBLOX creator, but it's within the framework of an open-source, do-it-all community.

And I know both games essentially are "communities." But whereas Minecraft's more like a "gated" community -- ROBLOX is that neighborhood everyone wants to be a part of, because every Friday's a cookout, and every home has a house party.

And the third reason? More options for design.

I know Minecraft goes with the brandable polygon-style type of look, and it works. But face it: it can be a little repetitive to look at. The cool thing about ROBLOX is that you have more options for design with graphics more like something out of Legos, more fluid, less about the pixels and more about the imagery.

If you're a hardcore "gamer," chances are good that appeals to you a bit more, especially if you're the kind of gamer loving the realist feel of something like Skyrim or the seamlessness of Halo. Naturally, you want to feel like you're actually part of the game. Not just some 'construct'.

Ultimately, though, this is about one important fact to take from all this:

Minecraft lovers shouldn't hate; and ROBLOX lovers shouldn't gloat.

Essentially there really isn't any comparison. The truth is Minecraft is waaaaaay different from ROBLOX. And the bigger truth is that there are a lot of players out there who actually enjoy playing both.

What this is about is why some people might say that ROBLOX is better -- they say that, because they're actually gamers. True-blue gamers. They also love to create, though -- but first and foremost, they're all about achieving some sort of 'goal' to get 'points' that lead to an ultimate reward.

Minecraft is the opposite: players on that platform are creators who will play games on those worlds, but centralized in a social format. There's no 'beginning' and 'end' for them. It's more continuous, no set 'ranking' system. No scores. Nothing.

Your preference all depends on who you are.

Do you have an account with ROBLOX? You can fill this survey out and get some free ROBUX!

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3 Big Reasons Why Gamers Prefer ROBLOX Over Minecraft
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