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7 Tips And Tricks For Dominating In 'Destiny: Rise of Iron's 'Supremacy' Crucible Mode

By now you've probably been taking in quite a bit of Destiny's expansion, but you've been possibly struggling at the new Crucible mode named 'Supremacy.'

By now you've probably been taking in quite a bit of Destiny's expansion, The Rise of Iron. You've undoubtedly cleared out the Plaguelands of Siva's biggest threats outside of the raids. You've unlocked your Khvostov, you've unlocked your Gjallarhorn, Thorn, and a few others.

Along the way you've also probably managed to begin working on your book for Year 3 in order to claim the amazing Iron Lord gear that lets us dawn the mantles as "Iron Lords," but you've been possibly struggling at the new Crucible mode named Supremacy. Don't fret, we have you covered on how you can claim victory and walk away without breaking your controllers.

1. Destiny's New Supremacy Mode is About Teamwork and Personal Awareness

The biggest change in approach here is that Destiny has been about going lone wolf even while playing with a team. It hurt to do it, but players have been capable of doing this quite well until now. The newest mode, however, requires players to travel in groups. The more of you there are, the more there is shooting down range, and there are more of you to deny a fallen friendly's crest or claim an enemy's to assure victory.

The biggest part of this team-based mode is not just about sticking together, but map control. This will be one of the biggest turning points if your team can lock down a certain part of the map and keep control.

2. You'll Want Your Best PvP Gear For This One

While it sounds odd to say, this mode is about being able to reduce the amount of elemental damage as best as you can. Due to elemental effects, don't be surprised to find yourself wanting increased elemental buffs — it'll be important to have some. Another big part of this is going to be your weapons. Due to how close range it is, it's highly suggested to bring weapons that work well when you need to constantly be on the move.

The following weapons are great choices thanks to how they handle:

  • Suros Regime
  • Party Crasher+
  • Khvostov 7G-0X
  • Invective

While there are plenty of others, these weapons shine among the rest due to their close-range performance. Don't believe me? Give them a whirl in this mode and prepare to claim the crests of fallen opponents. You'll also be glad to know this will help bring honor to your factions in Destiny.

3. Keep Moving And Never Stop

While this may sound silly, Supremacy is about constantly being on the move. This mode requires players to move as much as possible in order to beat the enemy team. While constantly moving means you'll unassumingly die if separated from your team, it also means that you'll have a better flow of combat — which means more crests for your team.

If playing the free-for-all variant, this applies even more so, as enemies will be waiting to pick you off if you stop moving. Just watch out for that guy camping the corner with a Matador 64. And always remember, pick up those crests, Guardian.

4. Ammo Crate Control Is Key

If there's one thing that doesn't seem to happen much in this mode, it's Ammo Crate control. While this could apply to every game mode, it never hurts to keep your opponents short on shotgun or sniper ammo. With quite a few people utilizing these two types of weapons, trust me, special ammo can be a problem as it can lead to your untimely death.

Next time you see that timer at "0.5"? Just stick around and grab it. Your enemies may hate you, but friendlies will love you.

5. Run A Talent Tree That Benefits Your Team Build

The most important thing about this mode is the fact it's all about teamwork. It's about pumping out the most efficient way to dispatch enemies without ruining your score. For Warlocks, this could mean running Stormcaller since your team will be sticking together. For Titans, this means Defender could very well suit your group unless they are constantly moving — and if that's the case, Striker or Sunbreaker may be better bets. However, locking down an area with Blessing of Light could change the match for the better.

Hunters, you'll want to see about running Shadowstalker if the focus is on holding down an area. If not, Gunslinger may be your better option if your team is picking off enemies off from afar. If constantly moving from room to room? Bladedancer will be right up your alley — although Bladedancer is always a great choice if fighting to survive, too.

6. Slide Shot With A Shotgun

One of the trickiest parts about PvP is getting away with a shotgun. With everyone using a combination of weapons in comparison to your shotgun, it makes reaching the field a bit tougher — and in this mode, that is extremely important so that your enemies don't get the drop on you. The best thing to do is quite easy: Charge in, hit crouch while sprinting, and pull that trigger with an enemy dead center in your reticle.

90% of the time, it's a guarantee kill if your opponent doesn't see you first. In that case, you're good and capable of moving on to slide shot some more.

7. Deny the Enemy Team Points By Claiming Crests

This is the hardest part for anyone to remember. Much like Call of Duty's Kill mode, "Kill Confirmed," this game has the same premise. The more crests (a.k.a., dog tags in CoD) the better off your team is. The more you deny the enemy team? Even better. Don't ever forget to stop points from being gained when you can.

Aside from all this, your road to victory is nigh, Guardian.

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7 Tips And Tricks For Dominating In 'Destiny: Rise of Iron's 'Supremacy' Crucible Mode
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