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So, to put it simply, I'm fascinated with life. And, well, writing about films, TV shows, videogames, geek culture overall, travelling, politics and Formula 1 among others is a fun way to explore it. 

From Azkaban to the Galaxy Far Away: 3 Video Game Ideas Just Begging to Happen
2 years ago
Video games have come a long way. What was once a simple way to pass the time has now become its own storytelling (and artistic) medium on par with books, television, and film. Something which is perf...
Role Playing in Racing Games
2 years ago
Why would anyone talk about a subject that sounds as stupid as that... let alone write an article? Role playing in racing games is a subject that has not been discussed a lot and probably for a good r...
"I'm More of a Behind the Scenes Kind of Guy" — Video Game Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-off
2 years ago
As the world of gaming has evolved to more and more ambitious levels, so have their stories. Although, a video game is an interactive way to tell a story with a different focus compared to movies, TV ...
The 'Assassin's Creed' Movie: Glorious or Tragic?
2 years ago
Assassin's Creed. A massive, ambitious and complex video game franchise that has finally gotten a cinematic adaption. Of course, I am saying this with joy and fear simultaneously. With the first trail...
EA '007' Trilogy Revisited: Episode 1 — Origin of the Trilogy
2 years ago
Welcome to the first episode of the series of articles regarding a certain Bond trilogy. Three original Bond stories that were released subsequently... just not as movies or books but in a certain oth...
EA '007' Trilogy Revisited: Episode 2 — 'Agent Under Fire'
2 years ago
M: "007, did you confront the Jackal? What happened?" James Bond: "She's fallen for me." [after "Carla the Jackal", an assassin, falls into a giant fan vent]