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Call of Duty: Zombies
2 years ago
So a lot of folks seemed to really enjoy my article on Call of Duty. If you read to the end, you’ll know that there was so much I had to say about the series, that I thought it best to leave my though...
Why I Love: Dungeon Defenders
2 years ago
Real-time strategy and tower defense games, for the most part, aren’t really my cup of tea. I can absolutely see the fun in them, but I can’t stand being distanced from the action, so I tend to shy aw...
Mario Party is Actually Really Cool
2 years ago
So if you’ll remember my defense of Mario Party 9, I very, very briefly remarked that the series goes about its gameplay in an interesting way. In this shorter-than-usual article, I want to share my o...
Why I Love: 'The Mega Man' Series
2 years ago
This, ladies and gentlemen, was the spark. Before I stumbled upon Mega Man, I gave little thought to the dynamics of video games, the impacts they had on culture, and pretty much any remotely interest...
Versus: Team Fortress 2 × Overwatch
2 years ago
My fondness for everyone’s favourite hat simulator is probably common knowledge by now. As a result, I recognize how fruitless an article like this may seem coming from me. Although, I really do love ...
Call of Duty
2 years ago
Call of Duty is one of the most influential game series of the last decade. I have very clear memories of Black Ops taking my hometown by storm; it was more or less a cardinal sin to not have played/o...