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Hacker Go
2 years ago
Welcome to Hacker Go, an ARG with a hacking-based theme. The aim of the game is to collect Bots, which are used to hack systems and activate the Drone, as well as picking up cash for purchasing object...
Location Based Gaming
2 years ago
In recent times... well in times since the release of major titles such as Ingress and Pokémon Go, developers around the world have been attempting to come up with the next biggest location based game...
QONQR: World in Play
2 years ago
Welcome to QONQR: World In Play, a uniquely fast-paced and tactical augmented reality game that has you battling your bots against the enemies, to gain control of the various zones that surround you. ...
Delta T Global Beta V2
2 years ago
For those who have just been introduced to the DT universe I hope to be able to give a decent overview of the game mechanics in its current state. For those who have read my original piece, you will a...
Ingress Part 1
2 years ago
When I began this task of writing about the mechanics of Ingress, I believed I would happily fit it all into one neat and tidy article that would quickly cover everything in one go. I swiftly realised...
Draconius Go
2 years ago
Seeing as you are reading this, I want to say welcome to Elyland's world of Draconius Go: Catch a Dragon. An AR RPG similar in mechanics to Niantics hugely successful title Pokemon Go, the fundamental...