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Retro NSFW: Inside 'Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em,' The Most X-Rated Game of the '80s
2 years ago
In the early '80s there was stiff competition within the video game market to grab consumer attention, with developer Mystique contributing in a very unique way. Rather than catering to a mainstream a...
It's Been 30 Years Since Billy and Jimmy Lee Double Fisted The Dragon
2 years ago
Ever overhear your Grandpa mumble about how time flies? Back in 1987, it all sounded like another run of worldly advice from the squeaky rocking chair in the corner, but not anymore. In the blink of a...
What Ever Happened To Old-School Save Points?
2 years ago
I recently bought a Sega Mega Drive Classic to relive the glory of the gaming past. The synaptic clustering of so many enduring childhood memories has had my neurons on overdrive as I have made my way...
Netflix Is Streamed More Than Hulu, YouTube And Amazon Combined, But Game Streaming Content Beats Them All
2 years ago
Netflix has become synonymous with modern-day routines of leisurely passing the time away in front of the TV. So much so, that Netlix's streamed content has surpassed even the combined services of all...
The Surprising True Story of How The First PlayStation Came to Be
2 years ago
The name PlayStation is easily associated with Sony as being their exclusive, iconic gaming console. Right? Well, What if I told you that the name PlayStation was originally formed from a joint ventur...
What To Expect When You're Expecting: Tips for Gaming Dads
2 years ago
Becoming a father marks one of the most significant milestones in an adult's life. It’s simultaneously exhilarating, scary, and sublime all rolled into one bundle of chaotic joy. For the gaming addict...