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Five Ways to Get Over 9000 at 'Dragon Ball FighterZ'
a year ago
"It's over 9000!" With one legendary line, Vegeta created both a seminal moment in Dragon Ball history and an internet meme. Released about a week ago, Dragon Ball FighterZ is all the rage. Over two m...
The Most Anticipated Games of Q1 2018
a year ago
While some gamers prefer to let the hype train pass them by and jump aboard the patience ferry, others are the perfect representation of the 'shut up and take my money' meme. Understandably so. If 201...
Your Nintendo Switch 2017 Holiday Buyer's Guide
a year ago
By now, we're well aware that the Nintendo Switch has absolutely taken the world by storm since releasing last March. The Switch bug has even affected yours truly! As far as my Vocal content goes, it'...
Five Nintendo Franchises That Deserve a Switch Release
a year ago
In a little over six months, Nintendo has already rolled out a few of their heavy-hitting franchises on the Switch. From Zelda to Mario Kart and the recently released Odyssey, Nintendo seems to have f...
Five Must-Play Nintendo Switch Games Under $20
a year ago
I'm just going to come out and say what everyone is thinking; 2017 is the year of Nintendo. While the Nintendo Switch has done a fantastic job delivering on its promise of a hybrid system, the games--...