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Bat's All Folks: The Voice Of Batman Says There Are No New 'Arkham' Games Coming
2 years ago
It looks like it could be time to initiate the "Knightfall" protocol, because Batman video games as we know them have just been put out to pasture. Picking up from a convoluted history of dire Batman ...
Get Ready To Squanch With You Cash: Watch The Trailer And Demo For 'Rick And Morty' VR Game
2 years ago
Fans of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's #RickandMorty may have had a surprise April Fool's Day treat with an early Season 3, but our joy was short-lived. Sadly, we now have to wait until summer for mo...
We Can't 'Bear' It: Scott Cawthon's 'Five Night's At Freddy's' Finally Finds A Studio
2 years ago
Lock the doors and boot up the security system, because it looks like a Five Nights at Freddy's film could be knocking at the window. Based on the popular survival #horror #videogame, it was a safe be...
George Takei Playing 'Pokémon GO' Is An Adorably 'Oddish' Experience!
2 years ago
Although he is used to going where no man has gone before, it seems that George Takei has missed the Pokémon GO hype train - until now! The 79- year-old took to Facebook with a live feed of his first ...
Happy Birthday: The Resident Evil Franchise Has Turned 20
2 years ago
On March 22, 1996 Capcom released the grimy survival shooter Resident Evil on PlayStation. Little did we know that this would start our obsession with the zombie gaming genre and simultaneously shape ...
Pokemon Turns 20: 2016's Real Life Celebrity Pokemon
2 years ago
Happy Birthday to those tiny Japanese bundles of joy and congratulations Satoshi Tajiri on creating one of the biggest crazes of all time. From the grainy black and white Gameboy cartridge, to schooly...