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Best Nintendo 3DS Games for Girls

Gaming isn't just for boys! The best Nintendo 3DS games for girls prove that there is room for girls in the gaming world.

Nintendo 3DS has one of the broadest game libraries for kids, and that includes 3DS games for girls. With everything from 3DS fashion games to 3DS Disney princess games, it is easy to see why the portable and easy-to-use 3DS has become such a hit with young girls. These games are great for entertainment during long car rides or killing time before boring doctors appointments. If your daughter, niece, or maybe even your little sister has a birthday coming up, it would be wise to pick from this list of the best Nintendo 3DS games for girls.

Frozen: Olaf's Quest

Based on a character from the box office smash-hit Frozen, Frozen: Olaf's Quest is an adventure-based game where the girls will play as Olaf the snowman as he makes his way through 60 fun-filled levels. But make sure the girls are aware of all the traps that are awaiting them, that way they can unlock some of Olaf's colorful fashion items like scarves, hats, mittens, and buttons. This one is good for kids as young as five, as it's not the most complex of these games but is a ton of fun all the same -- making it one of the best Nintendo 3DS games for girls.

Hello Kitty Picnic

A wide variety of ages will enjoy Hello Kitty Picnic, and this makes it a top notch choice when it comes to 3DS games for girls. In this game, the girls will complete a series of mini-games in order to unlock special clothing and accessories. This one includes a narrator throughout, so you don't even have to be old enough to read yet to have fun playing this game. It's meant for up to two players, and features a challenge-a-friend mode, which allows the girls to compete for fashion based prizes. Hello Kitty Picnic promotes sharing and is especially rewarding for those girls who are just getting acclimated with fun 3DS games. 

LaLaloopsy Carnival of Friends

LaLaloopsy Carnival of Friends is a game targeted almost exclusively for our younger gamer girls out there. During 16 levels of carnival games, the gamers try to seek out their sibling characters called LaLaloopsy "littles" and get them involved in the carnival fun. There are 40 characters in all, including one secret, special character to unlock. A great thing about this game is that it is easy to learn while also remaining engaging for the players, an easy choice for best Nintendo 3DS games for girls. This game is best enjoyed by those girls who are between five and six, and makes a great Christmas gift for those who love silly carnival-themed adventures.  

LEGO Friends

For some of the girls who are getting a little older and like to express their own styles, there's LEGO Friends. This one involves more activities that help with socialization, such as making friends, going to dance recitals, and karate competitions. There are plenty of adventures with new friends, and the girls can even learn the responsibilities of owning pets. Self-expression is the key in this game, as almost every aspect of the girls lives–bedrooms, pet accessories, activities–is customizable to their interests. These special features help hold the growing girls attention and each adventure is something completely new and highly specific. LEGO Friends is a layup when it comes to best Nintendo 3DS games for girls. 

Style Savvy: Trendsetters

Think of Style Savvy: Trendsetters as the next level for girls who enjoyed LEGO Friends, as it's recommended for those who are ten and up with a passion for fashion. The gamers can live out their biggest dreams, from owning a fashion boutique to starting their very own clothing line–and almost everything in-between. Players start small by helping others with their shopping and styling needs, even working as a personal stylist, until they're ready to hit the big time and become a trendsetter. This game can even help with some of the girls' future shopping and spending, as it literally teaches them how to shop. It also features some of the markets' hottest styles and there's over 12,000 clothing items and accessories from bags, belts, shoes, and a ton more. It's one of the best 3DS fashion games for girls and a great way to connect with other fashionistas, all while they build their own fashion empire. 

Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue

Finding Nemo is one the most successful film franchises in the history of the planet for kids, and it only makes perfect sense that Escape to the Big Blue would make an exciting 3DS game, and one of the best Nintendo 3DS games for girls. Big Blue features three different gaming modes, each one as fun as the last. You can get down under and play as Nemo or Dory and collect sea-tokens that unlock up to 30 mini-games. Before that, you should probably play in adventure mode, escaping Darla and the dreaded plastic baggies and making your way through the subsequent levels that eventually lead to freedom and safety -- the deep blue sea. Even if you've never seen the films -- which, c'mon, is pretty doubtful -- you can still enjoy the aquatic adventures that Big Blue provides. What girl doesn't love adventure?  

Disney Princess: My FairyTale Adventure

Make no mistake, Disney is still king when it comes to entertainment for girls, especially for a Disney princess. So, it comes as no surprise that My FairyTale Adventure scores high on best Nintendo 3DS games for girls. This time, the girls play apprentice to the Fairy Godmother, who, with her magic wands, will help break the spells cast over the lands of some of their favorite Disney characters like Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, etc. Another game great for the younger girls as it's narrated to them, and over the course of the adventure they're joined by some of their favorite secondary Disney characters. It's incredibly easy to play and is best enjoyed by two, who rotate turns throughout the course of the quest. 

Surely you can find a game that's been mentioned for the gamer girls in your life, as these are the best Nintendo 3DS games for girls. From 3DS fashion games to the entire Disney world, Nintendo has it covered. All that's left is to pick one up and start gaming.

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Best Nintendo 3DS Games for Girls
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