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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Which Classic Z-Fighters Will Join The Roster?

The new Dragon Ball FighterZ is quite different from anything we've seen in recent years of the series.

With all the big reveals at this year's E3 convention, some interesting ones stayed below the radar. One of the most interesting was Dragon Ball FighterZ, a new installment in the Dragon Ball game series, and one that is quite different from anything we've seen in recent years.

The most recent game was Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, which fully embraced a 3D fighting model. It appears, however, that Dragon Ball games are taking a step back from the 3D fighting format to a two-dimensional space in an arcade style set up.

We've only had a brief glimpse at the actual gameplay, but Dragon Ball FighterZ seems similar to the format of Marvel Vs. Capcom. That will get fans all the more hyped to play this thing, since Marvel Vs. Capcom is one of the best rated video games of the past two decades.

At the moment, only six characters are confirmed for the game: Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu, Teen Gohan, Cell, and Frieza. They're all classic franchise characters, so their inclusion isn't all that surprising. The more intriguing question is what other characters will be added.

'Dragon Ball FighterZ' [Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment]

Which #DragonBall characters will join the fight is anyone's guess, but the characters from different Dragon Ball eras in the game reveal gives the impression that a diverse selection of characters will join the roster. It may contain a mashup of classic characters, new additions to the #DragonBallSuper anime, and possibly even mainstays only seen in the Dragon Ball movies. If so, here's a list of the most believable Z-Fighters and villains who could end up in the game.


'Dragon Ball Z-Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan' [Credit: Toei Animation]

The Legendary Super Saiyan recently became of interest as a quasi-female counterpart to Broly was just unveiled on Dragon Ball Super. He's also been depicted as the villain on the Dragon Ball-Z: The Real 4D ride, making it seem like Broly is being marketed heavily in other mediums. If he is in fact getting an opportunity to shine outside of the movies, Dragon Ball FighterZ could be another medium for Broly to enter.


'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Toei Animation]

As one of the mainstays of the Dragon Ball universe, it would seem foolish not to include Piccolo. He's been around since the beginning of Dragon Ball Z and is still present on the current anime, Dragon Ball Super. So, a spot on this roster seems assured.


'Dragon Ball Xenoverse' [Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment]

Probably one of the most underutilized characters is Bardock. Most people forget that he holds a direct connection to the beginning of Dragon Ball, being Goku's father. And while Bardock has been kept somewhat as a minor character in past video games, Dragon Ball FighterZ presents the perfect opportunity to let Bardock shine. This is also presents a unique opportunity to emphasize Bardock's Super Saiyan transformation, when it's only been added on to the video game adaptation of Bardock a handful of times.

'Dragon Ball Z' [Credit: Toei Animation]

Cooler should be a guaranteed addition to the roster. His familial connection with Frieza and status as one of Goku's greatest foes would make Cooler a perfect competitor for the titular hero to face off against. He also possesses two different transformations that would add to potential features on the game.

Super Janemba

'Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn' [Credit: Toei Animation]

Another villain who's only appeared in the Dragon Ball movies and games that should be considered is a Janemba. Not the childish yellow blob, but his more advanced counterpart, Super Janemba. He possesses dimension-altering abilities, that rivaled Goku and Vegeta when he was created. Super Janemba's creation also resulted in Goku and Vegeta fusing together- which has only happened a handful of times, so that goes to show what kind of mayhem he can bring to the table in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


'Dragon Ball Z' [Credit: Toei Animation]

Vegito has only made two appearances in the Dragon Ball anime so far, but he's become a fan-favorite nonetheless. Of course, Vegito is so well liked because he's a fusion of Goku and Vegeta—two mainstays of the franchise. That in itself should be reason enough to include Vegito in this new Dragon Ball video game. Plus, his two counterparts are already in the game, so might as well fuse them together at some point.


'Dragon Ball Z' [Credit: Toei Animation]

Another fused character fans want to see is Gotenks. He's the fusion of Goten and Kid Trunks, two characters who've never really stood out in the Dragon Ball universe. But Gotenks himself is a whole other story.

As the only other Saiyan in the Dragon Ball canon to reach Super Saiyan Lvl. 3, Gotenks should be playable. The young Saiyan may not have full control over his abilities on the anime but in a video game, that raw strength can be harnessed to the user's advantage.

Z-Future Trunks

'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Toei Animation]

There are several different versions of Trunks in the Dragon Ball animes and all have qualities we'd want to see in a game character. One of the most underutilized versions of Trunks, however, is the buffed-up Super Trunks from Dragon Ball Z. For a character so heavily emphasized in the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z, Trunks was placed on the bench before the big climax of that particular saga. That said, including Super Trunks on this roster would allow fans to see the character develop beyond what was shown in the anime.

Will Characters From Dragon Ball Super Be Playable?

While most fans assume Dragon Ball FighterZ will only utilize classic characters from the Dragon Ball universe, the game might surprise us all with a diverse roster no one is prepared for. In which case, the new characters recently introduced to the Dragon Ball Super anime could make their video game debuts. Here are the most probable in that scenario.


'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Toei Animation]

The time-altering assassin from Universe 7, who stands on level ground with Goku's god form, is one of Dragon Ball's strongest fighters. That in itself should earn Hit some consideration when deciding who deserves a spot in the game.


'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Toei Animation]

With the arrival of female Super Saiyans to the Dragon Ball canon, Kale is an ideal choice to include. Although Kale's mentor, Caulifla, could arguably be a better addition. Then again, Kale has already surpassed her mentor's abilities, so she probably stands a better chance at grabbing one of the character slots.


'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Toei Animation]

Beerus earns our interest by giving Goku a run for his money. There's probably only a handful of characters who've actually defeated Goku in the anime, so Beerus's place among them should earn him some consideration when it comes to choosing which characters players can use in-game.


'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Toei Animation]

Bergamo the Crusher was only recently introduced on Dragon Ball Super but made quite an impression. Bergamo and his crew of wolf-life comrades proved they have what it takes to stand on a level playing field with Goku's team of fighters. And we should expect to see more of Bergamo in the upcoming Universal Survival Arc, making it reasonable to believe he'll make his way into other mediums like Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Android 17 and Android 18

The two androids would be perfect as a duo-only competitor in the game. They haven't partnered up since they were under Dr. Gero's control in Dragon Ball Z but they're about to compete side by side in the Tournament Of Power, so that should garner some support towards them joining FighterZ's roster.

'Dragon Ball Z' [Credit: Toei Animation]

Who Do You Want To See Join The Dragon Ball Fighter-Z Roster?

Apart from the characters selected above, who do you want to see as a playable character? There are dozens of characters to choose from, not including the various new additions to the franchise who've appeared in light of the Universal Survival Arc on Dragon Ball Super. Keep in mind the game's release will probably come with a select few characters, while the rest will be added in future DLC packs. In which case, we could see a wide array of different characters mashed into one video game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases in early 2018.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Which Classic Z-Fighters Will Join The Roster?
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