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Everyone Loves Overwatch's Halloween Brawl Because It Opens Up So Many Possibilities

'Overwatch' is a title with possibilities that could work well when it comes to a story mode.

When you watch the Overwatch shorts, such as "Dragons" below, what do you think of? What do you imagine this game could be if it had a story mode? What kind of story would you want? This is something that Blizzard Entertainment hasn't been shy about since the day they announced that Overwatch would be a PvP focused title that would take the best elements of Project Titan's PvP in order to keep the game alive.

When I see these shorts, I think about the larger Overwatch world that we could play in. I think of a game that could have mini-seasons connected with a compelling story mode or lore-filled brawls.

Overwatch's Halloween brawl gives a glimpse into what a Story Mode could be like.

If you're like myself, you've been sitting down in your favorite spot while consuming countless hours of Overwatch's Halloween Horror Brawl mode known as "Junkensteins Revenge." This mode is all about the Halloween invasion and starting Junkenstein's forces, the story takes place in a castle that looks quite like the one in Reinhardt's Map "Eichenwalde," which just happens to be a fortress of sorts.

In this mode players fight through countless waves of "Zomnics" (they're secretly variant forms of zombie omnic units that serve their master Junkenstein.

Over the course of this, bosses such as "The Reaper," and even "Junkenstein's Monster" appear as players fight their way alongside wave after wave of endless hordes.

Doing this we see a story rich environment pour forth and give us something to enjoy. It's a story, within a survival mode, which is something players have been dying for over the months since the games release. Why wouldn't they though? Overwatch is a title that permeates with countless possibilities. Those possibilities could work quite well when it comes to a story mode for this game.

Even Reddit users are already pouring out ideas.

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Almost like Halo 3: ODST type of mission within Halo's Firefight mode. This new type of mode could quite possibly teach players teamwork and how to utilize their ultimate abilities properly to benefit their team. While this could work there's quite possibly the idea that the game could also set up an episodic scenario where players get to play each hero in set scenarios. Missions such as playing as Reinhardt in a battle against the Bastions when they went corrupt. Perhaps missions against Reaper and his shadowy organization known as "Talon".

"Oh, PLEASE give us this. PLEASE. A bunch of crusaders gradually falling back, losing your comrades one by one, until you and whatever-the-leader's-name-was are the only ones left? A final, epic last stand against the Bastion attack, finally obeying your commander's order to flee?

Almost like Halo:Reach type of mission. It'd be sick as hell," stated redditor iFiler sated on the Overwatch subreddit. His idea would remain solid in the retrospect that they would add more depth to a game that needs an ever-evolving story.

Each of these missions could quite easily take place between 10-20 minutes each, which would allow players to get a justified feeling of he lore, the characters, and the tales behind the Overwatch agency that would set up certain characters into each mission to fit the story being told.

Another redditor Kriegson offered the idea of " Scenarios would be interesting. "Roadhog and Junkrat break into the lab..." "Reinhardt and the crusaders holding eichenwald" etc," which would help offer a new story behind characters such as Junkrat and Roadhog finally getting a background to them.

However, what about missions that explain the background behind characters such as Sombra, Doomfist, and even the mysterious other agent we saw highlights of in the Winston short "Recall"? You can take a look at the ones I mention in the short below. We've even seen shorts for some of them such as Liao who we've not heard much about since his comic debuted.

For now, we can only hope.

Overwatch is a title that is rich with lore. It screams that it was meant to be an MMO or a full fledged game much like Borderlands. If anything, we can only wait and hope to see what Blizzard Entertainment is up to as they just moved the World of Warcraft Director Tom Chilton to a super-secret project, which we can only hope is an Overwatch Storymode or perhaps even an MMO.

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Everyone Loves Overwatch's Halloween Brawl Because It Opens Up So Many Possibilities
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