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Fallout 4: My Obsession With Spectacle Island

When I found out that you could build settlements in Fallout 4, I knew that my days were numbered...

When I found out that you could build settlements in Fallout 4, I knew that my days were numbered. I loved the idea and I took to it like water. A lot of my hours of gameplay were dedicated to scouring for resources, building bigger and better settlements, and learning from the last one so that the next settlement would be that much more fun to build and see grow. Out of all of them, my favorite has been the entirely isolated and extremely large playground that is Spectacle Island. But how do you even get there? Well, the fact of the matter is that it's kind of a bitch.

Photo via Fallout Wiki

It's completely isolated and you need a lot of radiation protection to swim your way to the island. Once you're there, you're met with a mess of Mirelurks that you're going to have to deal with. The former settlers of the island made a pulse beacon that you can reactivate in order to chase the Mirelurks away. Once that's done, the island is all yours.

The island has the largest build area in the entire game which is where my obsession kicked in. I wanted to make something that felt like a full blown community on an island. Let's not get into how long it took me to gather enough resources to make this place happen but the end result was pretty fun to see. I'm not amazing like a lot of the other settlement builders who made wonders of engineering and aesthetics, but I was pretty amped about what I built up.

Thriving farms placed on different points of the island made it so that the settlers walked around the island to do their thing. It made the whole place feel that much more alive to see people buzzing around. There's a set of shacks built right on the water with a collection of shops for the settlers to wind down. There's a main farmhouse up on a hill and the settlement beacon was placed on top of a structurally questionable tower seen on the picture above.

A lot of people have already found this gem by now. Hours and hours have probably been poured into forging their vision of an island community. For me, it's a constant project. I always want to add more, make it look a certain way and make sure that the island is completely self sufficient. Running a supply line to this island is all kinds of tricky because of the water and radiation involved. In fact, it's downright impossible unless you slap a hazmat suit on the caravan runner and cross your fingers. Do that and the usual heavy armor you'd put on the runner to keep them safe is forgone and that in and of itself might also cause problems. The end result was that I wanted to feel like the island stood on its own. A safe place for someone to settle far from the rest of the Commonwealth.

I feel like I pulled it off. I know there's some amazing stuff out there though so my little project might look like a trifle to them. Still, it's all about having fun, right?

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Fallout 4: My Obsession With Spectacle Island
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