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'Far Cry 5': The Good, the Bad, and the Father

Review of Ubisoft's Most Recent Game, 'Far Cry 5'

For those of you who are new to the Far Cry series and enjoy action/shooters with a bit of story sprinkled on top, this game will certainly be worth the buy. Unfortunately, if you've already logged some hours in the past Far Cry's, this game is pretty much the exact same thing over again. There are some new features which are all nice, but it's still just the same old script. 

Let's start with the good, shall we? The graphics are as expected: top notch. Every inch of Hope County, Montana is absolutely gorgeous and filled with detailed forests, rigged mountain ranges, and realistic scenery that isn't just copy and pasted everywhere. The map size itself is on par with other games in the series (Not too big not too small). The companions you pick up around the map are also unique and have very good A.I. Unless you ask them to drive, then you're more than likely going to wind up in a ditch. The story itself is very immersive and starts out strong. Religious cults aren't a huge topic in mainstream media, but it makes for a great and suspenseful setting.

Onto the bad now. Let's start with the huge lack of direction in this game. After the tutorial level, you're just expected to start doing side missions in one of the three regions controlled by the Seed family. John, Jacob, and Faith are the "Bosses" of each area and after doing a certain amount of missions in their area, you'll trigger an unavoidable story mission that can interrupt anything you're currently doing. To go along with that, sometimes you can't progress in the story because you haven't done enough side missions yet to trigger the story mission, which is a bit annoying. Big story flaw, in my opinion. One thing that is not so big, however, is the weapon selection. There are only a handful of different types of weapons that all feel about the same, even with different weapon attachments. Also, always being able to just throw your Remote explosives at people and kill them instantly is almost a combat cheat. The concept of money in this game is also a joke. I had enough money after the first region to buy everything I needed for the rest of the game. Lastly, the story ending had me wanting a lot more. Building up suspense for days of gameplay and then getting nothing is kind of a turn off for me.

All in all, I did thoroughly like this game and even though it has virtually no replayability whatsoever, I am glad I picked it up (And no, the multiplayer doesn't count as replayability because of how loosely thrown together it was.) I give it an 88/100 for at least trying something new.

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'Far Cry 5': The Good, the Bad, and the Father
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