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Gaming as a Female

The Life of Being that Taboo Thing of a 'Gamer Girl'

This is my guild on a game called Neverwinter. 

Gaming is something for pretty much anyone. From Candy Crush to Call of Duty, I like to think there is something referred to as a “game” for everyone. There is always confrontational debates throughout the technological world; Apple or Android, PlayStation or Xbox and the life long war between console and PC. However, gaming seems to have sunk into a stereotypical hole of a man’s hobby. I, for one, think that’s insane; my grandma plays difficult hidden object games that would make Sherlock blush.

Let me explain the picture above: that is a photo taken of the ranks you can climb in my Neverwinter guild. There are currently over 30 members so far. I would say there are only four girls. I like to think of myself as quite the avid gamer. I grew up with two older brothers who were very much into their PCs, so naturally I adopted the love for them. Gaming is something I enjoy very much. Across a whole lot of platforms. The interactions I have when meeting new people can be quite funny, but also kind of scary.

When I meet a stranger either online, at work, in the supermarket queue or just in passing, if we get talking and they ask me what I like to do. This is where the conversation gets weird. I go along the usual things, I like singing and photography, among other things the average human might say. Then I say “I also like to play games.” DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!! One of three things happens: 

“Oh like makeup simulators?”

“Oh, so you’re a lesbian.”

Last but not least: (my personal favourite) “NO WAY you’re a gamer! You’re a GIRL! I bet I could beat you in *insert game*! You probably say that for male attention right?!” 

No. The answer is no. To all of the above statements. I do not play makeup or hair games, I’m not gay either, and by the way, I could probably demolish you in that game you just mentioned. Don’t get my wrong, I’m not blowing my own trumpet in any stretch of the imagination. However, it gets old after the 100th person has told you you’re faking it. I can beat my boyfriend to a pulp in Worms, Destiny, and Fortnite. And he’s okay with that. In fact, he finds it pretty rad. Which takes me on the my next issue.

Creeps. Not your normal creep who likes Instagram posts from 43 weeks ago. No. I’m talking about the people online who game, mainly men, but I’m not going to paint them all with the same brush. I join their party or the public game chat, I ask a simple question about the game; “when’s the next round?” “Anyone got a decent weapon spare?” They realise I’m a girl and suddenly I feel like a celebrity or an endangered species. I get questioned as to why I’m playing, if I’m just looking after my boyfriend's character while he’s at the bathroom, IF I'M SINGLE, and the best one is when I’m asked if I meant to play the game and didn’t accidentally click it on my way to watch *insert stereotypical chick flick*. I’ll be honest, at first it was infuriating, I just wanted to sit and play my game and shoot some people. Without these hounds of people being mesmerised that me, a female, knows what she is doing with a controller. On the other hand, I’ve kind of gotten over that and now I just laugh and then destroy them if they’re on the opposite team. 

Basically, if you’re a girl, boy, pensioner, Mum, Dad or anything that can be classed as a person? You can game. If your 68-year-old Grandma wants to learn how to play Fifa? Let her. If your 4-year-old little brother wants to play Minecraft on creative and blow up pigs all day, even though he’s not playing “properly?” let him. The gaming community will thank you. Us gamers are all unique but all share something in common. We like video games. And there is nothing wrong with being a gamer. Heck, it’s what I spend most of my time doing these days. Do what you want to do, play what you want to play, and enjoy it! Because it’s fun, and it’s rewarding when you get that trophy you’ve been trying to get for a week.

Gaming is for everyone. Gaming is great. Gaming is universal.

Amelia Savage. PS4 Gamer. And proud.

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Amelia Savage
Amelia Savage

I like to sing dance and act. 100% a theatre kid. Could probably sing the entirety of Legally Blonde to you. I love apple products and photography. I’m rebooting my YouTube channel too! I’m really friendly and love my family a whole lot.

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Gaming as a Female
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