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Goodbye, 'Bomberman.' Hello, Inexplicably Sexual 'Bombergirl'?

After 20 years since the release of an arcade system, Konami announced the 'Bomberman' franchise change, and it's a far cry from the origins of the series.

Credit: Konami Amusement

Bomberman has been one of the longest lasting game franchises with millions of fans and players across the world. With more than 70 games in the franchise across nearly every generation of console over the last 30 years, Bomberman has been a consistent part of the gaming universe and has always delivered exactly what we would expect: a strategic, maze-based puzzle blaster. Konami's announcement that Bomberman would be arriving on the Nintendo Switch wasn't the only thing they had planned for the explosive title.

On February 10, 2017 Konami revealed a major change for the #Bomberman franchise at the Japan Amusement Expo. After 20 years since the release of an arcade system, Konami announced the franchise change, and it's a far cry from the origins of the series. Even though we all know that things inevitably will always change, sometimes it's a major change like this that make you go "huh?!"

Let me introduce you to the newest game in the Bomberman franchise: Bombergirl.

'Bombergirl' puts a very anime spin on the classic game.

Credit: Konami Amusement

Now, technically Bomberman has made his transition from gaming to anime and manga before, but this is a big change for the franchise considering that we're swapping genders on the actual game itself, but this is a far cry from the origins of the franchise.

The new 4-vs-4 arcade only game pits players against each other using, currently, one of four characters:

Shiro - The Bomber

Credit: Konami Amusement

Momoko - The Blocker

Credit: Konami Amusement

Oren - The High-Speed Attacker

Credit: Konami Amusement

Emera - The Long-Range Shooter

Credit: Konami Amusement

Konami plans to release around 15 characters once the arcade systems begin taking off in #arcades around Japan. And if you couldn't tell already, they all have a definite male-gaze-y vibe, as you would imagine given that it's called Bombergirl and not Bomberwoman.

The game plays similarly to the classic titles, but the main difference is that at the end of the match, the losing team's characters are displayed with shredded clothes. Because that's what's always happened in Bomberman, right?

Konami decided Bomberman needed to be super horny, apparently.

Credit: Konami @ The Japan Amusement Expo

If you've followed any of the strange things that pop up in Japan, then this probably doesn't surprise you; especially with how invasive anime and manga are to the culture in #Japan.

But something's gotta make you question the direction of #Konami with this one, considering that their other attempts at transitioning to anime girl style games, Otomedius, didn't quite become the overwhelmingly adored title across the world. If you hadn't heard of Otomedius, I'm not surprise, but it was a side-scroller similar to Gradius, but all the ships were anime girls.

Credit: Konami @ The Japan Amusement Expo

Although Bombergirl doesn't have a scheduled release date, I'm sure it will hit arcades soon, and will likely find some port and arrive in North America and Europe shortly after the masses flock to the decidedly different take on the classic puzzle game.

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Goodbye, 'Bomberman.' Hello, Inexplicably Sexual 'Bombergirl'?
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