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How to Build Reinhardt in the Pathfinder RPG

An 'Overwatch' Character Conversion

Reinhardt Wilhelm was one of the most recognizable figures in Overwatch. A massive crusader who distinguished himself in many battles against the omnics, he was both one of the organization's greatest champions and harshest critics when it misstepped. Forced to retire due to his age, Reinhardt refuses to sit meekly by while chaos and darkness run rampant across the world. Donning his old crusader armor once more, he acts like a knight errant, doing good where he can and swinging his colossal hammer to remind the world there are still heroes willing to fight for what's right.

For those who want to bring the colossal tank that is Reinhardt to their Pathfinder table, this guide will provide you with some starting points. If you'd like to check out other Overwatch conversions (like Mercy or Reaper), or if you're in the market for Game of Thrones, Marvel, or DC characters, then check out the Character Conversions page on the gaming blog Improved Initiative.

The Man

Reinhardt has had a long, storied career by the time we come across him in the game. A young man during the Omnic crisis, he has been a warrior for his entire life. Physical stats should receive primary attention, with Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity being a good order. His Charisma and Wisdom are his next highest stats, given his larger-than-life personality, as well as his lifetime of experience in war zones. While not stupid, Intelligence is not a prized attribute in his build.

When it comes to his traits, Reinhardt is a giant. As such, the trait Bred For War (+1 trait bonus on Intimidate checks, and +1 trait bonus on combat maneuvers) is an obvious choice. Another choice which will be necessary later on is Dangerously Curious (+1 trait bonus to Use Magic Device, and Use Magic Device becomes a class skill for you).

The Myth

For all of Reinhardt's knightly aspirations and his talk of duty and honor, there is something primal in him; something that only truly comes alive in the heat of battle. Righteous though he may be, the ideal class for Reinhardt is the barbarian. Not just any barbarian, though...the armored hulk!

This gives Reinhardt the necessary proficiency in heavy armor to wear his crusader gear, and it gives him additional protection in exchange for uncanny dodge and fast movement. It also allows you to tap into the power of rage, damage reduction, and associated rage powers in order to become a fierce combatant.

As to Reinhardt's rage powers, there are several solid contenders. Reckless Abandon (penalty to AC for bonus on to-hit) is a solid choice. Surprise Accuracy also helps ensure you hit more often. You should also take Strength Surge. Ground Breaker is a requirement for Reinhardt, and Greater Ground Breaker can be particularly useful for buffing its distance. If you plan on fighting a lot of Omnics (or doing a lot of sundering), then you'll also want to take smasher and gearbreaker. No Escape is also a lovely addition if you don't want your enemies playing range games with you. And Mighty Swing is never a bad thing to have on hand.

The Muscle

In addition to rage powers, Reinhardt is going to need a variety of skills and feats to bring his full combat prowess to the battlefield. When it comes to skills, you're going to want to invest in Use Magic Device, Perception, and Intimidate.

As to his feats, it's important to carefully consider how you plan on fighting. The most obvious feat choice is going to be Power Attack, since it's a requirement for so many other feats. In addition to Power Attack, though, you'll want to take Improved Overrun. That takes care of your first-level layout, and then, at third level, you should pick up Bullete Charge Style.

At fifth level, pick up Spiked Destroyer (and ensure your armor has spikes...enchanted, if you can get them). At seventh level, take Greater Overrun. At ninth level, take Bullete Leap. At eleventh level, take Bullete Rampage.

After level eleven, you have several options available. If you wish, you can invest in Improved Bull Rush and Greater Bull Rush. If you're less interested in pushing your foes around the battlefield, though, then take Vital Strike, Improved Vital Strike, and Devastating Strike instead, ensuring you can dole out the harshness with that rocket hammer.

The Machine

While Reinhardt is impressive all on his own, it's the things he can do in his crusader armor that make him a force to be reckoned with. Well, that and the rocket hammer he wields.

So, let's start with the hammer.

An earth breaker is the obvious place to start. Then we add the Impact enchantment, giving you a weapon that deals 3d6 damage on a successful hit. And, just to make sure you've got some extra utility in it, see if you can find a spellcaster to put Weaponwand on it—permanently, if you can manage. This lets you slip a wand into your hammer, and you can fire the spell right through it. So, whether you want something like scorching ray or produce flame, you've got it on hand. Not a great attack, but it will surprise the hell out of an enemy who thought they were out of your range.

As to Reinhardt's crusader armor, the most logical choice is going to be a suit of titanic full plate. It treats you as a size category larger for things like swallow whole and trample, it lets you increase a size category for a while once per day, and once per minute as a free action you can add the armor's enhancement as a bonus on a Strength check, a combat maneuver bonus, or to your combat maneuver defense. And, for mechanical purposes, it's best to add some spikes to it to make the best use of your feats and abilities.

Other miscellaneous pieces of gear you should seek out to add to Reinhardt are Boots of the Mastadon (bonus to overrun, and gain a trample attack once per day), Belt of the Minotaur (ignore difficult terrain while charging or overruning, and gain an enhancement bonus to Strength), and if you plan on making use of bull rush, try to get your hands on the Paldrons of the Bull (bonus to bull rush maneuvers, and to your defense against same). 

Now we get to the tough one... the barrier. This is where I would normally shrug and say there's nothing that mimics its effects in Pathfinder, but given that it's such an intimate part of Reinhardt's schtick, I've put together an item that may be used with DM's permission to mimic its effects. If you feel it's too expensive, you can reduce the cost by making it require a U.M.D. check to activate, or by making it alignment-specific to the user in question.

Barrier Bracer

Worn by the crusaders of the north, these shields protected them and their allies in the face of certain death.

Aura: Strong Abjuration; CL: 9th

Slot: Forearm; Price: 20,000 gp; Weight: 2 lbs.


This heavy bracer is engraved with a symbol of bravery, or protection. Roaring lions and snarling dragons are just as common as tower shields or castle walls. When the user activates the bracer, by presenting his forearm and speaking a command word as a free action, it projects a thin barrier of force directly in front of the wearer. This barrier is fifteen feet wide, ten feet high, and is projected along one face of the square the wielder is in, and along the same face to the squares on his left and right. It acts, in all ways, like a wall of force, except that it moves with the bracer rather than remaining stationary. It has 100 hit points and hardness ten. The user may take no other actions with the arm wearing the bracer while the barrier is being projected. Once deactivated, the bracer cannot be activated again for one minute. Its hit points are refreshed once every 24 hours, though it will take the bracer one week to become active again if the barrier is shattered.


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, wall of force; Cost: 10,000 gp

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