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How to Create a Cool Gamertag

Show some flair and personality by figuring out how to create a cool gamertag.

Creating a unique gamertag is a great way to stand out from all half-hearted gamers out there. A cool gamertag will let the gaming world know you're serious, while at the same time allowing you to express some personality. Figuring out what the perfect tag can be tricky (as it's one of the problems every gamer has faced), especially in the early stages. 

This is increasingly important when playing online multi-player games on Xbox live and other platforms. As you do well with this gamertag, your respect and pull in the gamer community will grow exponentially. Still, if you continue to struggle and can't quite figure out how to create a cool gamertag, read on further for some ideas and tips to get your creative juices flowing.

Associate your name with a popular game.

Most gamers have a game or two that is truly special to them, a game that they log more hours on than the others, so this should be a natural jumping off point when brainstorming how to create a cool gamertag. Likely, it's one of the more popular games on the platform, so associate a creative name with it and you're bound to get a good deal of attention.

Whether it's one of the best Xbox live role playing games, or a PC adventure game, a good gamertag will present itself. Think of somewhere meaningful in the game, or maybe a major event from the games story line. Odds are there is something you can pull and put into a unique calling card. 

Consider the characters from your favorite games.

If you can't get anything useful from some of the more popular games out there, try considering the characters from your personal favorites. This can help personalize your tag, as there are far more characters to choose from than games, so it's easier to create something that aligns with your interests. 

When figuring out how to create a cool gamertag with some of your favorite characters, try mixing in some lively adjectives or some colorful nouns to help you stand out in the gamer community. Still drawing a blank? Try taking a look at some of the best Xbox one games for character ideas.

Mine your hobbies for inspiration.

If you're still having trouble even after you've searched your favorite games and characters for inspiration, try mining some of your hobbies for ideas. Maybe you like baseball, music, or surfing; any of these hobbies can be used as a jumping off point when thinking about how to create a cool gamertag.

Incorporating some of your favorite activities into your gamertag will make it more unique to you, lowering the chances that somebody is already playing under the tag you want. You can even try working in some characters form your favorite books and movies, anything that'll help you stand out from the mass of uncreative gamertag's out there.

Try being a little mysterious.

A great way to create a little buzz surrounding your gamertag is to try being a little mysterious. Look for words and phrases that are hardly ever used, and when possible, avoid overused verbiage like plague. You can even think of it as a little riddle, and the vagueness might help create some intrigue around your name in the online gaming community—something to consider when thinking about how to create a cool gamertag. 

People will be attracted to the mystery surrounding your name, especially if you play well, and trying to figure out what it means will help them recall it. Think about it, we all love a good mystery novel or movie, so not knowing everything is obviously appealing to many people. Avoid words like "chief" or "assassin," as it seems like every other gamer works these words into their tags. 

Try being totally random.

In the world of video games, very little is require to make sense, so who says you should have to? When searching for a good gamertag remember that it can be anything, even a weird phrase that makes zero sense, or a combination of words that just catches your attention. Also, if you opt for a totally random name there is less of a chance that somebody in the gamer community is already playing under it.

Play with Language

If you are hitting a wall and can't decide something that might make you stand out, try playing with language a bit. Try using a different language from your own (assuming you know one), or try mixing in a bunch of symbols. After all that if you still are wondering how to create a cool gamertag, think about combining several different languages into one, creating your very own dialect.

Instill Fear with a Scary Name

If being mysterious isn't really your thing, you can always come right out and instill fear in your opponents with a terrifying name. It's possible that you aren't one of those gamers who wants to make friends, maybe you are the type of player who wants to bring chaos to the worlds your character lives in. Most platforms don't allow you to use abusive language, so in order to pull this off you're going to need to get more creative.

The whole point is to attract the attention of other gamers, something to always remember when thinking about how to create a cool gamertag, so try going for a name that will get a reaction. This reaction can be positive or negative, in the end they'll both lead to the same end: a memorable tag. Avoid any type of hateful language as this will get you booted from the platform (and it should), instead opt for more universal fears. 

Try personalizing it.

Take something from your everyday life, anything really, and try turning it into a gamertag. Maybe name it after your dog or cat, or perhaps something or someone who has had a large impact on your life. Fellow gamers don't have to know what it means, so it can still be just be between you and whoever, but it might help spark some great ideas, something to consider when trying to figure out how to create a cool gamertag.

Make it an anagram.

An anagram is the rearranging of letters of a word or phrase, to create another word, typically using each letter only once. This one might really take some brainstorming, but if you like to play with words it might be something to consider when thinking about how to create a cool gamertag. If you aren't that savvy with words, don't worry about it too much, there are plenty of anagram generators out there that would be happy to help you out in your role playing endeavor. 

Try using humor.

There is no rule saying a gamertag has to be serious, so try opting for a joke or a silly pun if you can't figure out how to create a cool gamertag. Using humor can help you stand out and make your tag more memorable, just be careful the language isn't too dirty or you might run into trouble with whatever platform you're using. Wordplay and catchy one-liners seem to work best. 

A light-hearted approach to gaming can actually make you more attractive in the gaming world, making people more likely to team up with you on important missions. Remember, you're working with a limited number of characters, so make the joke or pun is tight, punchy, and word efficient. Not being able to go for a dirty joke may make it harder, so writing a great joke will take a touch more creativity. 

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