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It's All Child's Play: Universal Teases 'Chucky' Video Game Alongside The Next Film

There are swirling reports that Chucky could be getting an extended playtime with his own game based off the popular 'Childs Play' franchise.

'Cult of Chucky' [Credit: Universal]

The world of video games is creepy enough as we are chased by the nurses of Silent Hill, T-virus zombies of Resident Evil, and the steampunk Big Daddies from Bioshock. However, is a true horror icon about to get a video game too?

There are swirling reports that #Chucky (yes, the doll) could be getting an extended playtime with his own game based off the popular #ChildsPlay franchise. Considering that the series was once on the brink of crumbling thanks to a run of appalling sequels like Seed of Chucky, the scream factor was certainly upped when we returned for Curse of Chucky in 2013.

With the next film, Cult of Chucky, due for release later this year, it looks like someone has pulled the string on the Good Guy Dolls and Chucky is ready to talk about what he will be doing next.

Mother Chucker

The rumors of a Chucky video game come from a cryptic tweet on the official Curse of Chucky Twitter:

Image via Twitter

Instead of asking what platform you might want to see the ginger gore-hound take to, we are simply asked "HELL YES" or "HELL NO." With 92 percent to 8 percent, you don't need to conduct market research to know that we are thirsty for more of the dungaree-wearing psycho. Whether it be more films, some sweet merch, comic books or even a video game, it doesn't look like we are ready to close the toybox just yet.

Also, it is interesting to note that the original team behind 1988's Child's Play is back for Cult, as is Brad Dourif as the titular villain, so it wouldn't be too hard to get them on board for a game series too.

Some may remember that we were "nearly" here before. Back in 2011, TikiGames was developing its own Kickstarter title, Chucky: Wanna Play, which never came to fruition. Out of $925,000 they needed, the team only managed to raise $585. If Universal is planning on doing a Child's Play game, let's hope it works out better than the Tiki version.

Excitedly, we don't know what a Chucky game could involve, but is sure to be frightfully violent. Will we get some Five Nights at Freddy's jump scare, or will it be a spooky Alien: Isolation survival horror? It all sounds like our wildest nightmares come true, but we have only one question: who the Chuck are the 8 percent of people who voted no to this Chucking amazing idea?

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It's All Child's Play: Universal Teases 'Chucky' Video Game Alongside The Next Film
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