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Late Shift

Xbox One Game Review

I really don't do reviews but I figured that I would do one for Late Shift on Xbox One. I had bought this game during Xbox’s Ultimate Game Sale. Late Shift is a live action game and you are given options as to what the outcome will be. In other words, this is basically a movie where you get to choose your own path or outcome. There are seven different outcomes and 14 different chapters. Most of the time you are given two choices while there might be times where you are given three choices.

The game begins with college student Matt on his way to his job as a night time security at a garage. While looking around the garage, you get inside this really nice BMW car, and then you are called to put a car away for a lady and a man. Some time later, the lady comes back and asked for the keys for the Maserati. Here you can either give her the keys or not. I didn’t give her the keys. While she tries to convince you to give her the keys, you both hear a noise and you can go check it out.

While checking it out, you notice this guy pointing a gun at you and asking you to drive the car since he had injured himself from falling from the vent. Then you go to this house where two men and a woman are waiting. They ask the guy why is Matt there. The guy explains that he had injured himself and even took off his coat where you see his bone in his arm is sticking out. They fixed it up right quick while they try to figure out what to do since the injured guy can’t do his job in driving the car. The woman, May-Ling, calls other people but they are not answering while the two men try to take out Matt. When May-Ling tells them that no-one is answering, they decided that Matt should just take the injured guys place. This is when you find out that they are going to be doing a heist.

They take the BMW and other vehicle to this auction house where Matt and May-Ling go inside and take place in the auction where they are going to bid on this very small bowl. Here you are given choices as to stop her from bidding right away or let her go. I had let her bid a few times and then again it asks if you want to stop her from bidding or let her bid. You will get in somewhat of a bidding war with the Tchois.

This time I had stopped her. Then you leave the room and go to the elevators where you are given choices of either going to the police or go ahead with the plan. With the plan, you are also given choices as to whether or not you want to tip off the security guard people and other choices as to whether or not to go ahead with the plan. At first, I wanted to go to the police about it but then went along with the plan. Then you manage to get the bowl and Matt, along with the others leave.

They manage to get into another vehicle that was located some distance from the auction house and after getting into that vehicle, they are in an accident in which Matt and May-Ling are the only ones that survive it. Before the accident happens, the three guys mentioned about going to see Mr. Woe give him the bowl. So after the accident, you can either make about going to the police or going to see Mr. Woe and whether or not if you bring May-Ling with you or not.

Now if you go with Mr. Woe, he will tell you about how dangerous the Tchois are and that you will die if you are caught with it. So after your chat with Mr. Woe, you and May-Ling go to the hotel. Depending on your options here can really go different ways. I don’t want to go too much more into detail since I want you guys to take a look for yourselves and experience this game for yourself. Basically, the ending depends on whether or not you find the bowl and whether or not you and/or May-Ling lives or dies. At the end, however, you go to Samuel Parr’s house to get it. Now with that part, there are many different ways you can go.

I find that this is a very good game and would love to see more movie type games where you can choose the outcome or your own adventure. The only bad thing though that I have experienced with the game was that there are times that it pauses for a second or two before continuing. This occurs after choosing an option. It doesn't happen all the time but its there. Anyways, I enjoy this game. If you are a fan of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, this would be a good game to get because it reminds me of those games where whatever you choose your character to do, it has consequences and other actions that will lead to different outcomes.

**Warning: This review is based on my first run-through of the game. You may experience different results as you play through this game. Also, you can play multiple times to get the different endings.

Rate: 8.5/10