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'LawBreakers' or 'Overwatch'? Here's a Guide to See What's Best For You

Former 'Gears of War' developer Cliff Bleszinski's challenge to 'Overwatch' is clear with 'Law Breakers.'

The shooter genre is one that has been sitting steady with a few remarkable names. One of them just happens to be Activision Blizzard's smash-hit #Overwatch, which has been increasingly popular with each passing day. So much so that it's even garnered a pro league that's paying a minimal of $50K a year with benefits. It proves that arena shooters are still very much alive, teamwork more-so, and the need to ensure that your team build is effective.

For former #GearsofWar developer Cliff Bleszinski, his answer to challenging Overwatch is clear with #LawBreakers. Both games are unique to the arena shooter category of shooting titles. They are both games that also pride themselves upon their combat mechanics and cutting edge graphics. The games will provide a distinct notion about their guns blazing combat and knee-slap worthy one liners.

However, there's a tough decision for gamers that haven't had a chance to jump into either title. What game is best for you?

Did someone say Robocop? (Credits: Bosskey Productions)

So What o the Games Have in Common?

Much as expected both games share familiar themes. They're both first-person arena shooters. Both games share a unique identity in the aspect you can unlock gear in both games. Players also rank up based upon their performances whether it's a win in a match or a loss. Experience is granted to players upon also completing challenges (career bests, etc for #Overwatch) within the game, which sends their rank up rather quicker, and offers unlockables such as character skins, player icons, gun skins, and plenty more.

The games both also share a class system. Players will see things such as familiar faces such as Combat Medics/Support, Attackers/Assault, and Tanks/Juggernauts. The mechanics are the same across both games. This adds diversity into the game for the players who are looking to have if they want varied experiences. This approach will make the game come out to be familiar for fans of the arena shooter genre.

LawBreakers and Overwatch also share similarities when it comes to game modes. Players will find that both games have an attack and defend approach so that players can secure objectives. While Overwatch sees objectives as either a "secure or defend zones" option, LawBreakers is more unique with players hunting down objectives and playing in modes that resemble modes such as king of the hill or capture the flag. However, that's where the similarities end between the two games and ends up causing the games to become quite different in their inner workings.

Do you get air sick? Hope not. (Credits: Bosskey Productions)

So What's Different?

Under the hood, both games are extremely different experiences. If you want to know the truth about LawBreakers, here it is. LawBreakers is a reboot of Unreal Tournament, without being #UnrealTournament. It's a game that takes the things that make Overwatch rather successful and decides to run with it and increase the capacity to over 9,000.

The differences here are massive. So massive that its quite easy to say that LawBreakers is not ashamed to show that it's an arena shooter at heart. It's fast paced, it is skill based, and aim assist does not exist here. What does is outlined very quickly. It's you. You are what makes the game matter. Your ability to aim, your ability to execute abilities, but also your ability to work as a part of a team.

While your classes do matter, what matters more is your capability to operate with your team mates as a functional member of a group.This isn't limited to the games need to let you see what best for works. Players my find themselves better as one of the classes and worse at the others. The game will identify this by allowing players to earn their own ratings based on performance.

For some, it may be hard to accept your rating that may be lower than an A. It's okay, however, it's something that helps you improve upon while you play. The game even offers plenty of tutorials for players to learn from. The bigger difference isn't just how combat plays out. What does make the difference is that both are unique in how they play out. As stated, both games have few similarities, but even those similarities aren't enough to hide the difference between both of them.

There's hundreds of unlockables in LawBreakers and Overwatch. Literally. (Credits: Bosskey Productions)

What About Post-Release Support for Both?

Cliff Bleszinski hasn't been shy about the post-release support for LawBreakers. He's openly come out and stated that all future content will remain free. All content will remain open to players who want to earn the skins, kick stamps, and more. Don't be surprised, however, if you can by packs in order to unlock customizations a bit quicker, but that's about it at this point.

This approach is the same for Overwatch. Only difference for Overwatch is the fact that weapon skins are locked to competitive play while LawBreakers allows players to dive in and unlock all this on the go. It's that simple. Both games will remain free as all future characters, skins, and more.

Overwatch Heroes. (Credits: Activision Blizzard)

How Much Does it Start to Player Both Games?

If you are looking to dive into Overwatch, you are looking at a steep $59.99 while LawBreakers from Bosskey Productions will run you $29.99 for the base game or $39.99 for the games collectors edition. These prices are valid for both PC and PlayStation 4 for both games.

So the ultimate decision is now? What game is best for you? Are you wanting a team based shooter where Gorilla's can fly or are you looking to have non-stop fun with Earths messed up gravity no thanks to a destroyed Moon. That will ultimately be up to you based on the type of gameplay you are looking for.

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'LawBreakers' or 'Overwatch'? Here's a Guide to See What's Best For You
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