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'Metal Gear Solid' Could Break the Video Game Film Curse With This Marvel Actor As Solid Snake

The acclaimed game series 'Metal Gear Solid' is to be transformed into a cinematic experience with a Marvel actor.

Chris Evans as Solid Snake [Credit: Boss Logic]

It's a common phrase in the gaming world — 'the video game movie curse' — because it seems as though every time a studio sets out to develop a major film based on a video game, it winds up being a disaster. Going all the way back to the early '90s with Super Mario Bros. there have only been a handful of video game adaptations that have exceeded mediocre reviews and reception, most of which have been considered critical and commercial flops over the last 30 years.

Yet that hasn't stopped studios from making these movies because fans around the world have been waiting for the curse to be broken. It seems as though Sony may have found the perfect actor to step into one of the most coveted roles as Solid Snake with Captain America himself Chris Evans, thanks to some wonderful design work by Boss Logic.

All he needs is the eyepatch [Credit: Boss Logic]

Now this is in no way saying that the #Marvel alum is attached to the film, but after seeing him pop up in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer from SDCC with a legitimate beard it just seemed too perfect an opportunity to miss.

The acclaimed video game series simply begs to be transformed into a cinematic experience, and Sony has the right director in Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

The Era of Ko'No'mi

Hollywood directorships often don't come easily, especially when you're relatively new to the industry like Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Although he has several titles to his name, it wasn't until 2017 when Hollywood truly started taking him seriously after his success at introducing a terrific movie to Universal's Monster Universe with Kong: Skull Island.

While at San Diego Comic Con to promote Kong: Skull Island and the universe that is being built, Vogt-Roberts spoke with IGN about his attachment to the Metal Gear franchise and the film project itself. Originally Vogt-Roberts was told that the Metal Gear Solid movie adaptation wouldn't happen

There was a Metal Gear Solid book on an executive's desk and I was like 'I want to do that, you have that?' and they said, 'You can't do that.'

Yet, a simple 'No' wasn't going to stop Vogt-Roberts as he spent the next three months putting together his "bible" that showed how intimately aware of the source franchise he was. This bible also discussed where he believed previous video game adaptations went wrong, and explained how creating a successful video game adaptation was about translating the 'active experience' of a game into the 'passive experience' of watching a film. Vogt-Roberts even confessed to concluding his bible with this:

I don’t care if you take any of these ideas and do not hire me. All I want in my life is to see a great Metal Gear movie.

The bible was a success, as it turned out that Sony later changed their mind and offered Vogt-Roberts the chance to direct the forthcoming adaptation, and with the passion Vogt-Roberts has shown, this adaptation certainly seems to be coming together just wonderfully.

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'Metal Gear Solid' Could Break the Video Game Film Curse With This Marvel Actor As Solid Snake
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