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'Minecraft' vs 'Terraria' vs 'Stardew Valley' vs 'Starbound'

Which is better? Which should I buy myself? Which is the best at passing time? All of these will be answered.

This comparison will go into the details of the different mentioned games as much as I can talk about them. I would like to point out that I have played all these game titles, however I have played Terraria more than other titles but this will not mean I am going to be biased towards it without my reasoning. I will allow people to make their own choice from the things I mention. Enjoy!


Minecraft Logo.

Minecraft, as a lot of people know, is for the younger audience, roughly around 5-14. It does not have any proper bosses in the game, the only enemy that could be deemed as a boss is the Ender Dragon which if defeated, marks the end of the game, you have played through the entire game! So, what now? I was wondering the exact same thing when I had finished it myself, and I could not come to a conclusion what could be done as I had finished the game and there does not seem to be alternative methods of playing the game which I will mention in more detail later. Minecraft has server plugins, which make up different game modes. There are numerous amounts of game modes that can be found if you do a quick Minecraft server search. Most sites will show there being over 100 pages of Minecraft servers to choose from, which is pretty accurate. There are game modes to suit every player's needs, such as starting from scratch on a sky island where the objective is to build up the island you are on so it becomes more habitable for yourself which can get people started if they have just started playing the game leading to a better knowledge. That is my favorite game mode in the Minecraft directory, but there are more for people to discover. 


Terraria logo along with the game protagonist and wizard NPC.

Terraria is a title that I hold close, it is the game I have spent the most hours than all other titles in this comparison by a long time, and it will continue to stay that way. Terraria allows for different ways of playing the game, which might sound weird but let me explain. There are roughly 3970 items in Terraria, therefore there is a lot of variation. As a result to the amount of items, there are alternative methods of playing Terraria, which is something I bought up in the Minecraft segment. Terraria is a great example of a game that has alternative methods of playing, people can choose to be different classes in the game. There are classes such as Warrior which is hand combat, Mage which is weapons that require mana, and Ranged which is things like bows or guns. As you progress through the game, you get better items to get you to the next part. Terraria has two world biomes which people can only find one in every world they make, these are called Crimson and Corruption. This is just one example of how Terraria worlds can differ from each other. Other ways include specific items that can be found in worlds which have different chances of dropping. There are clear bosses and mini-bosses in Terraria, which if killed multiple times have a chance that the loot you get when you kill it won't be the same loot you got the last time you killed it, which I why I really enjoy Terraria as it is not a linear game, it has variation in it. There are dedicated Terraria servers, however I find more fun in playing with people I know as it allows for a more laid back Terraria experience instead of having to cater to what people on the server want from you. There are also some really nicely made mods for Terraria, the most popular one being the calamity mod, which has different bosses and enemies in the game for people to beat. With the active development team, this game is not going anywhere soon, even going as far that Terraria 2 has been speculated which I personally cannot wait for! 

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley logo with game scenery.

Only having 2.3 hours currently in this game, I am not the best person to comment on this, however I will do my best to explain my experience with it. Stardew Valley appears to me that it is an old style version of the games I have listed, it has art style which seems it is made out to be set on a farm. The game sets the player different tasks to complete over the course of the game, one that I remember was where I was instructed to go into a house as there seemed to be something mysterious happening there. My experience with this game is that, like Minecraft, it is a linear game in my eyes. It basically tells you what to do, and you have no proper choice other than to do it, otherwise you will not be able to progress in the game. Although, I believe Stardew is better than Minecraft as it does give you tasks to do, instead of Minecraft's open world approach, where you do what you want when you want. There are mods for Stardew but I have not tried any Stardew mods as I did not get immersed into the game enough to warrant downloading any. 


Starbound Logo.

Finally, Starbound. With a mere 0.7 hours in this game, I found it rather boring to play. The story behind this game is that you were on a ship which had a problem, causing it to not work, and you need to find things on Earth to fix your ship so you can fly again. I started playing the game with high hopes from what my friends had told me about the game, but it became apparent to me that the game was not for me as I could not pass the first simple objective properly despite being a fan of games like Starbound. The art in game is nice however. Starbound has a dedicated mod section on the community forums, but like Stardew I was not immersed enough into the game to review the different mods. However based on the game itself, it is poor. 

To conclude, I believe Terraria is the best value for money game on this list as it gives many hours of enjoyment for different age groups, and the active development team means that this game is still changing even with the announcement of more Terraria games being made.

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'Minecraft' vs 'Terraria' vs 'Stardew Valley' vs 'Starbound'
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