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Most Expensive Video Game Equipment

Would you pay $750,000 for a piece of equipment?The most expensive video game equipment will certainly try and persuade you to drain your bank account.

From expensive display screens to an out of this world workstation, the most expensive video game equipment are life-changing, and wallet-draining. 

Fun to window-shop, these products are not typically taken home, but they're certainly pretty to look at. Who knows, you might have to add some of these to your bucket list. Or, if you've got an extra $750,000 lying around, they could be yours!

VRX Imotion Z-55 Racing Simulator

For a measly $61,500, the VRX Imotion Z-55 Racing Simulator is first on our list of the most expensive video game equipment. Just looking at this piece of equipment is impressive. 

Referred to as being one of the most advances racing simulators on the market, the VRX Imotion Z-55 Racing Simulator allows its user to experience acceleration, put their skills to the test, and fight centripetal forces. Pre-installed with four racing simulations, the tracks are ready for you to drive on. Plus, it includes three 55'' LED HDTVs and a 500W, 5.1 surround system. 

VPL-VZ1000ES 2500-Lumen Ultra-Short-Throw 4K SXRD Home Cinema Projector by Sony

Next, on our list of the most expensive video game equipment is by Sony, the VPL-VZ1000ES 2500-Lumen Ultra-Short-Throw 4K SXRD Home Cinema Projector. A fancy name for a Home Cinema Projector, you have to special order this product. 

Though considered to be a video game accessory, it can also be used for many other home theatre features. With 2,500-lumen brightness, 3D upscaling, and 20,000 hours of operation, the device will cost you a pretty penny, for approximately $25,000. 

The Emperor Workstation 200

The Emperor Workstation 200 is truly an incredible invention, and looks as if it is from the future, at least an episode of Black Mirror. Referred to as "the best gaming chair, ever," the product provides its users with a unique environment for gaming, completely new in design. 

It can also simply be used as a home office, and is completed with a command and control center. Built with comfort and privacy in mind, the workstation is meant to provide productivity and accuracy for all of your gaming needs. And for $40,000, it can be yours!

31.1" DreamColor Z31x Studio Display 4K UHD 4096x2160 Monitor by HP

Though not as extravagant as the previous workstation monitors, this dream color studio display is up there in price, and for good reason. Winner of the 2015 Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, this monitor will provide some of the most intense gaming sessions of your time. 

As one of Hp's most precise displays yet, the monitor has consistent 10-bit color precision, and Adobe RGB, BT709, and sRGB coverage. Priced at just under $7,000, the display is worth a pretty penny, but provides some of the most quality product for serious gamers.  

The Zeus Jupiter PC

Like we promised, the Zeus Jupiter PC is worth $750,000. And for three-quarters of a million dollars, the sole reason behind the PC's price is because it is encrusted with diamonds. 

And if you are looking to purchase this product with its platinum case, the combo will cost you close to three million dollars. Solid platinum and diamonds galore, the product is an incredible price, and for one of the most uncommon reasons, which is the added jewels. 

Racing Kit by Next Level

Yet another racing accessory, this racing kit by Next Level is next on our list of the most expensive video game equipment. A very impressive kit that comes with a ton, the products come to a total of almost $4,000. 

It includes a reclining fiberglass race seat, a seat slider, gear shifter, and racing mat. It provides smooth and fast movements that are very realistic, all included in a design that is both tactile and compact. Plus, it has adjustable accessory positions. Worth the $4,000? That's up to you. 

Rose Gold Xbox One

For $13,600, you can get a rose gold Xbox One. With the recent rose gold craze, this might be something that many would drool over. Designed by the Italian jeweler, Gatti, it is only available in conventions, like Games 14 in Dubai. 

And includes a rose gold case, with an incredible shell. It looks as if it is meant to be put on display, and we think whoever buys it might just do that, instead of put it to good use. 

T-GT Racing Wheel by Thrustmaster

Next, on our list of the most expensive video game equipment is something that is a little more doable, the T-GT Racing Wheel by Thrustmaster. For almost $800, the racing wheel is certainly expensive, but nothing close to the $750,000 for the Zeus Jupiter PC. 

However, what might seem like any other racing wheel, it comes with a detachable leather-wrapped wheel, two metal paddle shifters, four rotary selectors, two mini sticks, and a three-pedal set. Both Sony Playstation Four and PC compatible, the equipment is perfect for those who have a need for speed. 

Nintendo Wii Supreme

For a measly $481,000, you can get the Nintendo Wii Supreme. A high-end version of the popular Nintendo Wii, which happened to have sold over 100 million units, the Nintendo Wii Supreme was created by Stuart Hughes. 

With 2.5 kilograms of 22-carat gold, the console and completed with none other than diamonds, because who doesn't need some extra bling with their Nintendo Wii?

Diamond-Encrusted Golden Game Boy

To complete our list of the most expensive video game equipment, we had to finish off with none other than the diamond-encrusted Golden Game Boy

For only $29,500, the Game Boy is certainly a luxury item, if considered that. Completed with an 18-carat gold case, the device is reported to be twice as heavy as a normal Game Boy, which might just be a deal breaker for the diamond and gaming lovers. 

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