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Must Have Nintendo 3DS Accessories for Gamers

Have a Nintendo handheld device and don't know what goes along with it? The following must have Nintendo 3DS accessories for gamers are sure to give your handheld experience the perfect amount of personality and style.

If you're a gamer like me, you know a recently-purchased handheld portable device isn't so personable until you add that extra flavor — a certain pizzazz only provided by add-ons and secondary equipment. 

Picking the best and most necessary of these accessories can be a challenge, what with so many varying uses, points of productivity, prices, and ratings. 

Brands from all over the world make these Nintendo platform accessories, too — so, if you don't want to get ripped off by an untrustworthy overseas retailer, listen up.

Don't know which case is more reliable? Can't decide what type of battery to buy? Aren't too keen on the traditional protective skins and want something a little more personal? Here are some must have Nintendo 3DS accessories for gamers provided by a gamer himself. 

Screen Protective Filter by HORI

HORI's Protective Screen Filter is one of the must have 3DS accessories for gamers, because it not only keeps your screen looking brand spanking new, it also gives some clarity to the on-screen gaming universe you're steeped into.

The screen protector keeps your 3DS safe from dirt and scratches and is super easy to apply. Don't have a cleaning cloth? Don't need it, HORI's Screen Protective Filter comes with a free one at no extra charge. 

Unlike most competitors, HORI is officially licensed by Nintendo, which gives it that extra level of security and viability. 

NFC Reader/Writer by Nintendo

As one of the more eccentric in the list of must have Nintendo 3DS accessories for gamers, Nintendo's NFC Reader/Writer is for those who love amiibo figures and amiibo cards. 

The device, a 'near-field communication' reader, allows for gamers to use real life cards and toys, then putting them on the screen of their Nintendo 3DS — almost like augmented reality

If you're of the many out there using amiibo figures and accompanied cards, the NFC Reader/Writer is a must have in conjunction with compatible games on the Nintendo 3DS. 

5000mAh Battery by Banshee

I don't know about you, but I sure as hell need that extra battery for when my Nintendo 3DS craps out and dies on me. 

This has happened to me one too many times, and now that I have this 5000mAh Li-ION battery I don't even have to worry about charging my 3DS until it's truly necessary. Better still, charge the dead battery while using your brand new one!

Distributed by Banshee, which guarantees it will meet and exceed the manufacturer's specifications, the 5000mAh battery is one the most perfect must have Nintendo 3DS accessories for gamers, because of its efficiency and affordability. 

Circle Pad Pro by Nintendo

Everyone has different sized hands, so when it comes to comfortability and sleekness wrapped into one, chances are in fact slim to none. 

Fortunately, the Circle Pad Pro is one of those exceptional must have Nintendo 3DS accessories for gamers. It offers the perfect amount of durability with comfort in mind. 

In an effort to improve upon your gaming experience, this accessory is definitely a must. It adds an extra thumbpad to the right hand side of your device, plus it doesn't make it too bulky where it can't be held. 

The Circle Pad Pro is for gamers like you and me, so don't miss out on this awesome gadget if you want to play the best Nintendo 3DS games in comfort.

Hand Grip Controller by Generic

Like the Circle Pad Pro, Generic's Hand Grip Controller will enhanced your gaming experience for a complete form of comfort for your hands. 

While the added thumbpad of the previous accessory may not be likewise rendered, the Hand Grip makes your Nintendo 3DS fit so perfectly into your palm that it isn't even necessary. 

As an all-time favorite in the list of must have Nintendo 3DS accessories for gamers, Generic's Hand Grip Controller will bring out the gamer in you by giving your handheld device that enhanced feel and representation it needs for viability and precision in the in-game world of your choosing. 

Powersaves Cheat Device by Action Replay

While I may not be a friend of the gaming cheater, certain unlockables are only acquired through using the Action Replay Powersave, so it is an unfortunately additon to the must have Nintendo 3DS accessories for gamers. 

It may not be the wisest choice, since cheating isn't playing the game right (in my opinion), but if you are one of those gamers that just needs that rocket launcher on level four, by all means the Action Replay is your accessory. 

Just be careful, though. I may not know much about these devices, but I do know they can fry your console and seriously damage your gaming experience. So, while the rocket launcher is certainly viable, know what you're buying before pulling the trigger. 

Nintendo 3DS Triple Armor by NERF

While there may have been mutliple cases on the list of must have Nintendo 3DS accessories for gamers, NERF's triple armor protector is by far one of the best of its kind. 

If you have ever played with NERF guns before, or just love their footballs, then you know how truly durable their products are as a whole. 

Don't waste money on some top-notch piece of equipment that may or may not destroy your handheld device when dropped. Just buy what you know won't break, i.e. NERF's triple armor protective case. Don't worry, pink's not its only color!

Nintendo 3DS Charging Station by TPFOON

If you're a gamer who gets tired of putting the Nintendo 3DS on the charger, or don't want to sit holding your handheld device as its charging, then the Charging Dock is perfect for you. 

This charger is one of those must have Nintendo 3DS accessories for gamers, because it allows for you to watch movies, play games, or listen to music while standing.

Even when you aren't charging your Nintendo 3DS, players can use the charging dock as a safe, steady and convenient little stand, instead of putting together a few shotty boxes that can easily fall and lead to your device breaking. 

Travel Carrying Case Shell by AUSTOR

For those gamers that have too many games and accessories for one person, the AUSTOR travel carrying shell gives you a wide variety of storage and space for all your Nintendo 3DS needs. 

The case can carry up to 16 game cartridges, a charger, and the console itself inside of its microfiber interior. The outside is made out of a protective Nylon that is both durable and lightweight. 

Don't let this piece of the must have Nintendo 3DS accessories for gamers go unheard. If you don't already have some form of protection for your handheld device, grab the AUSTOR travel case. 

Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates by Nintendo

For an added sense of personal taste, Nintendo's Cover Plates, also known as faceplates, are a part of those must have Nintendo 3DS Accessories for gamers for their ingenuity and awesome-looking styles. 

There are literally a myriad of different looks and designs, from Pokémon covers to pictures of space. These Nintendo 3DS cover plates are even made to look super futuristic, and gives your handheld a perfect amount of personal flare. 

Don't leave your Nintendo 3DS looking bland and straight-out-of-the-box! Get a face plate to cover up that unwanted manufacturer grotesqueness.  

Nintendo 3DS Character Charms and Stylus by PowerA

Maybe less of a necessity and more of an accessory, these cute little charms, which come with an additional stylus, prove to show off your immediate love for not only Nintendo, but the games you play each and every day. 

The above character charms and stylus prove to be must have Nintendo 3DS accessories for gamers simply for their adorableness, style, and personable looks. This is great for younger audiences, because it harkens on the Nintendo 3Ds games kids love.

Even if you're not inclined to buying such a product, the additional stylus is an all-time must, because I have lost mine so many times I'm willing to buy a charm alongside it. 

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Must Have Nintendo 3DS Accessories for Gamers
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