Overwatch: How to Move Up in ELO

Never tasted platinum? No problem.

Today, Overwatch has risen to become one of the most played games of our time, and with this large influx of players, I've noticed some big things since playing in the beta for this game.

I mean, other than the fact the game feels like it has been completely overhauled since its release, I've noticed the influx of players who, honestly, just don't understand what they're doing. They may be new to this post MOBA-style, or they might just be high ranked in other shooters and think they'll just carry.

One of the biggest myths I hear people actually believe is the carry myth. While, sure, there are chances for you to carry here and there, it will almost never happen in higher levels of ranked plays, simply because people will recognize you as a threat, change characters and counter you.

Overwatch admitted themselves that this game has a rock paper scissors mechanic, so why try and waste your time by being a lone wolf in a team based game?

Even if you have all golds, did you work with your team? Did you help the healer at all before they died? Did you even make a call out about what you see to them? These small things will separate you from the low-level players, so without further ado, let's begin talking about capturepointology.

First things first, you should always know where your team is and what they're doing. A coordinated attack will not only overwhelm the enemy, but it makes it much easier for team kills. In my opinion, a team kill is the most valuable thing you can pull off because it gives you so much uncontested time with the objective and you get to perfectly set up for the next push.

A good team kill could win you the game.

Even if you're a flank character (I'm looking at you Genji and Tracer mains), just flanking and attacking is awful. You want to stay mostly out of sight, so the enemy doesn't know where to expect you from. Wait for your team to be ready, and tell them when you're going to flank and have them play aggressively. While the enemy team is focusing on your shields or tanks or healers, you can easily line up headshots and get some crucial picks. They won't even see you coming.

Now, for the tanks, while your flankers are getting ready to flank, you make yourself as big as possible, shoot like crazy, swing your axe, taunt with voice-lines, flash shields, etc. Don't worry about picks, just get some damage in and don't die. WATCH YOUR HEALERS.

And you healers, when the push starts, you hide. Obviously, you want to get as much DPS in as possible, but if you die, the push most likely fails. Stay behind the tank at all cost, keep a good distance too, so you can run if an enemy flanker makes it past your tanks.

Now ults. Please understand, Blizzard actually nerfed every ult back in the day. This was to promote synergy and make ults more valuable. Basically, the ult charge takes longer to hit 100% less things, give charge, etc. You almost always want to use your ults together. Some good picks are Mei and McRee, Zarya and Genji, Rein and Pharah. Using these ults together can get team kills easily if you catch the enemy off guard.

These are just the basics, and I hope to follow this up in a video with more detail, to help out anybody who understands caputrepointology but wants some more advanced tutorials as well as advance map placements so press subscribe and stay tuned friends!

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Overwatch: How to Move Up in ELO
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