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'Overwatch' Is Over Party

Rest in Peace

I know I said the beloved "most played" game of Overwatch was a mess about a year ago, but now it's done for. With all of the unbalanced trash in the game I really don't see how people even continue to play. Not only that, but all of the nerfs and changes to our beloved Mercy. Overwatch is cancelled. Sis is over.

I was going along with the first nerf to my Mercy. She isn't my main, but I did enjoy playing her and she was obviously my go-to healer other than my boy, Lucio. It made me actually feel amazing when I would get a Big Rez or even revive a couple teammates with her ultimate but ever since they took that away, made it an ability, and gave her Valkyrie I just... I can't deal with it, okay? She isn't fun. The game is not fun.

Now I know people were complaining about how "hard" she was to kill, but we all know that's a sack of lies. Mercy is literally one of the easiest heroes to kill. I have never had any trouble with her and I sure know the enemy team has no trouble killing me, especially after Blizzard nerfed her into her own grave. Her mobility is garbage, her abilities are garbage, and all of these nerfs are straight up garbage. 

I have since uninstalled the trashy game and I have been about a month without even touching it. My main, Junkrat, poor baby... was adjusted a little while back. I'm not saying I didn't like it because I know he needed it. Junk was so overpowered, it was insane. What I am going to rant and rave about, though, are the heroes they refuse to actually fix, such as Dva. I mean, her ultimate line alone is enough evidence that everything about her is overpowered. Screaming, "NERF THIS!" when shooting your 4 ton Mech into enemies is overpowered enough, but the blast radius is outrageous, man. I can't believe they would nerf Junkrat's ultimate so hard that his tire is a one shot from anything and does what feels like no damage anymore, so much so that his ultimate is basically useless, yet Dva is out here with infinite ammo and basically life as well.

My problem with Dva is not only her ultimate, but her life. She is inside of a Mech that has, what, 500-600 health and infinite ammo? When that is destroyed, she just hops out of the Mech and has 100-200 health I believe, but her pistol is so powerful—I mean, holy smokes, Batman. She gets that Mech back in a matter of seconds if she hits maybe 5-10 shots. 

I would say don't even get me started on Hanzo or Genji, but I'll get started on at least Hanzo. I know we all have heard of or played the game Paladins. We've all heard how it is Overwatch's rip-off, the "poor man's Overwatch." Well, there's a character on there whose name is Sha Lin. Blizzard recently added a little rework to Hanzo as most of you players already know. He now has an ability to make him rapid fire arrows which is, um, strangely very, very similar to Sha Lin's move that does the exact same thing. Not that Hi-Rez doesn't have characters and abilities that aren't very similar to Blizzard's Overwatch, but for Blizzard to copy Hi-Rez is pretty low and to me is very small of them because Blizzard is such a big company. 

I know there are plenty of people who just love Overwatch and probably will until they die. I'm just saying that they need to really balance their game out. Every character doesn't need to be overpowered and Mercy doesn't deserve all this nerfing and reworks. It also confuses me how it's the most played game in the world with millions of players yet it takes me ten minutes to find a stinking game. I may come back to the game and rekindle my love for it, but not if they don't get their stuff together.

You can watch me stream on Mixer here.

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'Overwatch' Is Over Party
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