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PC vs. Xbox One X

We all know the winner.

This article compares the PC to the Xbox One X. 


The power of your PC all depends on your budget. For example, you'll have better graphics results on an Xbox One if you have something lower than, say, a GTX 1030 ($71.99). Even if you were to price match a custom build to the latest Xbox One X and the Xbox One X wins, it still wouldn't be a fair comparison. The Xbox lacks many features of a PC. Running Photoshop, endless options of software, producing music, etc. I also think the internet browsing of consoles has always been clunky and will never compare to the REAL thing. That of a PC. Sure you can plug in a keyboard and mouse, it's just a bit less practical for me. I like having a mothership of a PC that can run games on ultra, have lots of RAM and a nice CPU to produce music, render videos in Premiere Pro, work on Microsoft Word, stream with ease, have 5 billion tabs open at once on the resource hog that is Google Chrome. Great for work AND entertainment.

Steam sales, humble bundles, used steam key websites, cheaper new game releases (usually games are $10, sometimes $20 cheaper for digital on PC whereas consoles don't give you that $10-20 discount digitally). 

No Xbox live subscription fee.

Xbox One X

Where the PC lacks is console exclusives (the only reason I bought an Xbox One). However, more and more exclusives are being released on PC like Gears of War 4, one of my personal favorites, Halo Wars 2, and upcoming Halo games. I think many would ditch consoles if games console exclusives were to go away.

Games with Gold:

Games with Gold is great for those who want to play a variety of games for no money except the money for an active Xbox live subscription. One of the reasons I kept my Gold. A lot of the games are... uhh... okay. There are some good ones occasionally though. It's really nice to play some of the old Xbox 360 games that I never bought, but always wanted to play. The downside of Games with Gold is you don't get to keep playing the Xbox One games without a gold subscription, so if your subscription expires, you'd have to renew it in order to play those Games with Gold games for Xbox One. You are still able to play the Xbox 360 Games with Gold games though!

There are some great home media type apps on the Xbox One. HBO Go, Netflix, Comedy Central apps. It makes a great entertainment hub if you don't have a smart TV. This performs much better than most smart TVs though. You can get all of this on a PC too, but is nice for an entertainment hub.

The Xbox One is a bit more portable and compact than a full tower PC. If you move around a lot this is an advantage of a console.


In terms of capability and being able to upgrade in the future, PC wins because the Xbox One isn't upgradable and has hardware limitations. For me my PC is most of my life. I use it for work AND entertainment. Whereas the Xbox One to me is simply a gaming console, not for work. There is no true winner. 

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PC vs. Xbox One X
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