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PlayStation 4's Shingen Update is Finally Here and Here's How to Activate HDR and Folders

Sony's PlayStation 4 Update 4.0 will feature HDR support, a more streamlined UI, and even the highly anticipated Folders system.

Sony's PlayStation 4 Update 4.0 has been talked about quite a bit as of late, as with almost all things PS4 for better or worse. Featuring HDR support, a more streamlined UI, and even the highly anticipated Folders system is finally here. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with folders automatically set, it doesn't come with HDR activated, and well, there's more to explore later today!

So lets get right to the things you'll want to know about versus what could be discussed.

Activating HDR in PlayStation 4's Update 4.0

HDR is probably the most exciting for many of us thanks to it allowing games to instantly bring out more lavishing colors to our TVs. This update will also allow 4K TV owners to have the stunning visuals they desire and allow developers to tap into the best picture qualities possible in upcoming titles.

  • To activate this feature you'll want to head on over into the settings menu in order to access the option titled "Sound and Screen"
  • From here you'll want to go the option titled "Video Output Settings"
  • There it'll give you the options for resolution, RGB Range, HDR, and even Deep Color Input
  • To begin, you'll want to ensue you have Deep Color Input set to automatic before enabling HDR and setting it to automatic as well

For people who have HDR TVs you'll notice a deeper color depth just in your home screen alone.

This is what your screen should have on it once you activate HDR

From there, games featuring HDR when they launch or when they receive the update will stand out among the many released to date, which will allow for stunning visuals in the current consoles, and more-so realistic games in the future. For PlayStation 4 Pro buyers, this'll help bring those 4K games to new heights for you to enjoy.

Accessing Folders Is Easily Done on the dashboard, so lets take a look at that next for those of you who wanted a cleaned up home screen!

PlayStation 4's New Folder System is Easy to Use

To begin you'll want to be on your home screen where you're looking at items you want to place in a folder. Say you want to create one like mine below:

  • You'll want to click on, say, PlayStation Vue with the Options button
  • From there click "Add to Folder" and name your folder
  • From there you'll want to select the place where you'd wish to put it

Adding items to the folder expands it much as it would on the PlayStation 3's XMB, but this way it's a lot cleaner, a lot nicer, and still offers the Home Screen-like appeal to it.

Reducing clutter makes this update a lot better to use for those wanting to keep things clean, organized, and placed into specific places. Once items are in a folder, they can be organized to match your desired importance. Much like my own, you can place them so that your headphone app is first, capture gallery second, and even your web browser first while less used apps can be placed further down the line to be accessed. When done? Your home screen may look something a bit like my own down below.

PlayStation's System Update 4.0 now being available there's quite a bit more to take in, which may just leave you a bit more dumbfounded, but luckily it's worth muscling through the confusion for those cleaner interfaces.

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PlayStation 4's Shingen Update is Finally Here and Here's How to Activate HDR and Folders
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