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Resident Evil VII's Reviews Are In and Here's the Roundup

It's been nearly a decade since the 'Resident Evil' franchise has offered the fans a true good scare and story that would shock them.

Courtesy of Capcom

Resident Evil has been a series that finds itself under heavy scrutiny as the series wanders further and further from its roots after 20 years. It's been nearly a decade since the franchise has offered the fans a true good scare and story that would shock them as nearly as good as the previous titles. With the launch of #ResidentEvil7 coming up tomorrow, critics have already begun to release their reviews, which reflects their adventures as protagonist Ethan Winters.

With the latest title taking place with Ethan searching for his wife, fans are preparing to undertake a wild adventure against a family of vicious cannibals who have taken him hostage, and promise to make his life a living nightmare. With Early Impressions have been well-received, the game hasn't given us much to go on outside of game shows and a couple of demos.

With reviews now out for the final product, it's time for us to prepare to see what the game has to offer, and if the reviews are anything it seems to be for the title that releases on January 24th, 2017. You may just be up for a good scare with tomorrow's release. So lets take a peek at what the critics have to say. (All reviews cited are linked to before their quotes)

'Resident Evil 7: Biohazard' returns to the franchise's roots.

As a horror series, Resident Evil can't be shy of the possibilities of diving into its horror roots. This is something that has been made plenty clear in Polygon's review. The game doesn't just take part in being a horror title, it basks in this glory, and does so quite well from the get go. Lets see what they had to say.

"This constant tension is compounded by the game's sparse, creepy audio. The Baker house is constantly creaking, full of strange noises that left me terrified at what might be waiting beyond the next door or around a nearby corner. Was that slamming sound just a tree branch hitting the side of the house? Or is one of the Baker family about to burst through the wall and threaten to slice my head off with a shovel? These noises blended with tiny movements viewed from the corner of my vision, shadows stretching across the wall, teasing horrors to come. It's extremely effective stuff, aided by that first-person point of view."

Courtesy of Capcom

You'll need to tap into your inner horror-survival fan - you'll be defenseless to start out.

As you would expect, the game takes notable queues from titles such as Outlast where fans of the franchise will find themselves remotely defenseless while fighting their way through the Baker plantation. If you find being unarmed discomforting, that's completely what the game aims for, and GameSpot took a bit of delight in that.

"But RE7 clearly takes cues from modern horror games as well, most notably by opting for a first-person perspective. Fans of games like Outlast may recognize a lot of structural similarities in large portions of the campaign, which--outside of some optional backtracking to collect items--follows a linear and highly scripted series of events. "

Courtesy of Capcom

'Resident Evil VII' clocks in at around 10 to 12 hours.

While we are used to Resident Evil titles clocking in with moderate play-times, Resident Evil VII: Biohazard isn't one to follow that duration setting. Instead the game is most noticeably being targeted due to its short duration, one which puts the game fairly short in comparison to previous titles. If 10 to 12 hours is short, then we could be in trouble, and that's only if you were expecting more than that as points out..

"We should emphasise that these are relatively minor quibbles with the balancing and pacing, and we still thoroughly enjoyed all 12 hours of the campaign. And in any case, there is one way to compensate for almost all the faults: by playing the game with PlayStation VR. So much so that we’d suggest adding an extra point to the score if that’s the way you intend to experience it."'

The Final Verdict: The scores are strong for the franchise for the first time since 'Resident Evil V'.

No matter where you look, Resident Evil VII has been getting strong scores since its review embargo has been lifted. The game has been averaging rather high scores since the first ones were posted earlier this morning. If a common balance between a 7 and a 10 seems strong, this shows that Resident Evil VII: biohazard has what it takes to redefine the franchise, and does so elegantly without the use of zombies or bio-weapons. The only question the game is leaving for us is simple: How does it tie into the franchise? Is there something we don't know yet or could this be a true reboot for the franchise? With the clock ticking down - we can only wait till midnight in order to find out.

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Resident Evil VII's Reviews Are In and Here's the Roundup
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