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So You Don't Have Pokémon Sun or Moon: 7 Ways To Help You Cope With That Sad Reality

There are a few things that we can do to survive until we, too, can join the legion of gamers with Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Here's the deal, Pokémon Sun and Moon are sweeping the known gaming universe. It's a massive revival to the franchise, and gamers across the world are all talking about everything you can and can't do in both games. There are so many mysteries being unraveled and features being explained thanks to some devoted fans who want to understand it all as well as catch them all.

For the unlucky few who have yet to purchase the game, myself included, I implore you do not feel ashamed - we are but mere pawns in the game of life. Yet if that's not enough of a reason to not feel sad about missing out on Pokémon Sun or Moon there are a few things that we can do to survive until that glorious day comes when we too can join the legion of gamers with Pokémon Sun and Moon.

1. Go for a walk.

One of the easiest ways to relieve the tension of not being able to play Pokémon is to go for a walk and clear your head. Simply set out on an adventure, but before you go make sure to stop by the Professor's Lab because ... oh wait, yeah, the Professor doesn't have anything for you.

Damn, let's try something else.

2. Take a long nap.

Sometimes all you need to do is sleep it off. That's what they say, right? Sleeping it off is one way to fight a hangover or sickness, so it must work for a broken-Pokémon heart too.

Climb into your bed and pull the covers up and just be taken away to a fantastic land full of challenges and magical creatures that you can capture in special balls... oh, wait, no don't do that... Don't go to sleep, stay awake and never dream again.

3. Take on a new sport.

So you have a sport that you like, everyone does. Yeah, that's a great idea. Let's learn how to play the sport that doesn't involve thumb dexterity. You like Basketball? - That's great because that's easy enough to play by yourself all you need to find is a court and a round ball to throw around. You're good at that.

Actually, wait... That basketball looks a lot like a Pokeb... Damn it! Scratch that, we're not playing a sport.

4. Throw a surprise party for a friend.

You have friends, right? You must. No. Not a single one isn't playing Pokémon Sun or Moon? Yeah me neither. I guess you can throw a party for yourself, that will work too I guess. It's not like it'll be a pity party or anything.

But you'll make the best of it, perhaps play some games like: Pin the tail on the Pikachu or bobbing for Magikarp or wait... no, let's not do that.

5. Read a book.

That's easy, after spending all those years reading the scrolling text on the Pokémon games, you've got this whole reading thing in the bag. I'm sure reading a book is just as straightforward.

So, let's go to the bookstore and see what we can find. Gee, there sure are a lot of books here though, I don't know where to begin, maybe I should head to the graphic novel section, those have pictures in them too. Wait, is that Ash and Pikachu? - YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!?!?!! Screw reading!

6. Fill your pain with food.

So you've crossed off so many potential things because it makes you think about Pokémon too much, so maybe you just need to eat your favorite comfort food and hopefully that will make you feel better. Food never hurt anyone, so it couldn't possibly hurt you.

Hmmmm... the only thing you have in the house needs to be cooked, it sure would be awesome if you knew some way to flame blast this food so it was cooked quickly. Now would be a great time to have a real Charmander, he could just use ember and cook this for me... Okay, not eating either!

7. Make money and buy the game.

You've tried every other possible alternative, and there is just no way around it. You need Pokémon Sun and Moon, but you need money first. There are plenty of ways to earn money: you could sell a Kidney I guess, you could write for Now Loading, you could get a job too I guess. Either way, this is the only possible way to deal with the grief of not having Pokémon Sun and Moon. You need to get some money and go buy it. End of story.

Hopefully I've helped you understand your options a little better and have given you few options on how you too can cope with the lack of Pokémon Sun and Moon in your life.

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So You Don't Have Pokémon Sun or Moon: 7 Ways To Help You Cope With That Sad Reality
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