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Sony's E3 Announcements

A Look at What Sony Has Planned

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E3: one of the biggest, if not THE biggest gaming news and release site for all existing and upcoming companies on the hottest and newest games, consoles, and accessories to be released.

Of course companies such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are going to either show new consoles or merchandise to be released throughout the year, and companies such as Funko! will have their E3 exclusive collectibles as well. Talking to a GameStop employee earlier got me thinking, personally I've never been to E3, but exactly what exclusive items could be lurking throughout the convention going under the radar. As soon as I could think it, the employee whipped out some E3 exclusive Pop Vinyl Figures. In particular, an 8-bit version of Black Hole Bomb as well as a Golden Mr. Dice. I did not, however, try to pre-order either, but I picked up Spider-Man from the upcoming Spider-Man game. However, I'm here to talk about the upcoming exciting treasures that await us throughout the year. In other articles, I will go over what Microsoft, Nintendo, and other game developers have in store for us, but in this article I will mainly go over what Sony has brought to the table.

Firstly, Spider-Man

Since I was on the topic, sort of, the new Spider-Man game is one I personally am ecstatic for. Pre-ordering a copy of the game, which I obviously did, gets you access to three new skins, one of which is the new Iron Spider suit from Infinity War; however, another is one I do not recognize, and the last is unreleased. You also get five bonus skill points to start the game and an early unlock of the Spider-Drone. I'm guessing like the one from Spider-Man: Homecoming. You also get a PSN Spider-Man Avatar as well as the Spider-Man theme for the PlayStation. So yeah, Spider-Man is going to be a HUGE game for Insomniac and Sony. When I finished watching the E3 demos, I could not close my jaw. The gameplay seemed to be similar to The Amazing Spider-Man, which is a great thing since most people are familiar with the layout and mechanics.  Next thing, the villains. Boy oh boy is this gonna be good. You know it's a Spider-Man game when they bring in multiple villains to fight Spidey, as if one wasn't enough for the Web-Slinger. An open-world web-slinging adventure, with, at least for what has been released, dangerous villains such as The Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, Electro, Mister Negative, and The Shocker. A scary yet awesome villainous lineup with possibly new ways to defeat every one of them.

PlayStation Plus

Well this came as quite a shocker. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is being released for free for all owners of a PlayStation Plus membership.  It's not the best, but at least it's something. 

The Multiple Games Announced

The Last of Us Part 2 is definitely one that a ton of people are excited for. Not only did the first part do extremely well, but it also left an impression on almost every gamer who got their hands on it. In the demo, we see that sneaking around and scavenging will become a big part in the game as Ellie, who is seen as the protagonist so far, is trying to evade and take down members of a crazed cult.

Now we're starting into, for me personally, unknown territory with a sequel to NiohDeath Stranding—which I honestly cannot understand what is going on in the demo, Ghost of Tsushima, which looks awesome due to the historical background of being a lone samurai fighting the invading Mongols in 1294. The sword fights look well thought out as well as intricate, in a good way.  We are also getting a Resident Evil 2 remake as well as Decarine, a new virtual reality game coming to the PlayStation VR.

In closing, Sony has seemed to have developers bring a lot to the table with tons of chances of reward. 

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Sony's E3 Announcements
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