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'Star Wars: Battlefront 2' Takes Us Across the Galaxy in a New & Untold Offline Story Mode

EA has gone above and beyond: 'Star Wars: Battlefront 2" has a full story mode.

EA just revealed some amazing content about Star Wars Battlefront 2, and it looks like it's exactly what we've waited for, from the opening march filled with storm troopers to the final epic moments of the trailer reveal. The development team behind Star Wars Battlefront 2 has listened to the gaming community and taken the Star Wars Universe that we all love and introduced an offline story mode, that is both canon and original, untold material.

This is the Star Wars game that we've been waiting for, and the fact that EA has gone above and beyond with a full story mode means that whether you're a single player or online campaigner, you'll find something in this game.

The offline solo story is going to be epic.

One of the things that many fans have wanted ever since the first set of Battlefront games back in the early '00s on PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, and although it was missing in the 2015 reboot, Star Wars Battlefront.

As part of the #E3 press conference for #EA, it was announced that the sequel will definitely have a fully fleshed out solo campaign mode, but rather than just play through the story of the movies that everyone has seen dozens of times, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will introduce an original story that follows the canon of the films as well.

There isn't a ton of information about exactly what era the story will follow, but the hope is that it will be an epic tale that crosses all three trilogies, but if the launch trailer tells us anything it's that there is a massive story to tell, and we can be a part of it.

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'Star Wars: Battlefront 2' Takes Us Across the Galaxy in a New & Untold Offline Story Mode
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