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Summary of Minecraft

For those who have never played it.

Minecraft is a three-dimensional game that uses blocks as the terrain and world. It is the second best selling game with Tetris being the first. In the 3-D world, there are different blocks with different properties that change how you interact with the world. It is also possible to build with blocks and fight bosses that are restricted in movement based on the blocks. The possibilities for creation are vast and the lack of guidance in completing the game is supposed to give players the feeling of greater achievement when they accomplish something.

Bosses and mobs are not perfect cubes but are generally shaped in a cubical fashion. There are three types of mobs. They are bosses, hostile and passive. All three have their own artificial intelligence and the difficulty of killing hostile mobs and bosses can be changed. The three game modes are “easy,” “normal,” and “hard.” In the current version of Minecraft, there are not a lot of unique mobs.

Hostile mobs spawn at night, mostly zombies and skeleton archers. If you die, your items drop on the ground and most people get highly discouraged to play when that happens. Night time is considered dangerous, especially for new players. Bosses have their own criteria for spawning, which you can learn from other players or while playing. If it is your first time playing, I recommend a vanilla server with someone to guide you through the game.

A Passive Mob


Passive mobs are useful for gathering resources. It is common for players to become collectors of animals and other passive mobs such as villagers. Villagers have a currency which only circulates when you trade with them. Their AI is not as advanced as other modern games. Some animals have good properties to help you progress in the game.

Servers are very important and make Minecraft a great deal better. There are different genres within Minecraft that serve as foundations to how a server is played. There is prison, survival, minigames, and factions. The typical fashion Minecraft is played in is survival. Most servers have extra code in them that recreate the experience to be more enjoyable and unique to that server.

This extra code can generally be called “mods” or “plugins” based on whether or not it is code for the client or for the server. Mods are changes to Minecraft itself. Plugins are changes to the server. You can have both plugins and mods affecting a server in a way that will vastly change a Minecraft experience. Mods and plugins are generally reused between servers and clients and are configured to be what the creator wants the experience to be.

Recently Microsoft, the owners of Minecraft, announced cross-platform servers. People from PC and Android will be able to play with players on other devices. Microsoft is also releasing a new graphics update that makes Minecraft more enjoyable to look at. Minecraft is also becoming more expensive with these new recent updates.

Microsoft Store

An official Minecraft server is currently known as a realm and is run on a monthly subscription to play. When it comes to things you pay for, there is the Minecraft store and a 3rd party server store. Most servers sell ranks, perks, and items for real money. However, 3rd party stores are not linked to Microsoft and are usually private. The money goes to an individual who owns the server. This picture is the new Minecraft store for Windows 10. You can buy coins with real money and spend it on intellectual property created officially. Profit goes to Microsoft.

I hope you try and enjoy Minecraft!

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Summary of Minecraft
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