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Survival Horror Game 'P.A.M.E.L.A.' Is 'Deus Ex' Meets 'BioShock'

If you've been waiting for a great horror-survival game, that wait is almost over, and it's coming to Windows PC rather soon.

[Credit: NVYVE Inc]

If you've been wondering where a great horror-survival game would be, that wait is almost over, and it's coming to Windows PC rather soon. Developer NVYVE Inc has been fun to watch over as they talked about their game's steady growth and development.

So when can you expect this nifty little title in Early Access? #PAMELA is expected to launch on March 9th, which is exactly two weeks from today.

The game borrows from predecessors like #DeusEx, #SystemShock and #BioShock.

So what exactly is P.A.M.E.L.A. about?

Eden was a place of miraculous sights, from malls to nightclubs, to futuristic locales. What happens if something drives the residents mad, though? What happens if they become violent and unpredictable? The decision to eat, drink, bathe or sleep could be your very last.

On Eden, you'll find that all of these could be your final downfall as time has become a precious commodity. You'll be fighting for your existence within a world where wars are part of the past and weapons no longer exist. Instead, there are only pacification devices that are used to stop enemies in their tracks. There are also utilitarian gadgets.

[Credit: NVYVE Inc]

Not is all as it seems

You've begun to awaken from your icy sleep within your cryo-chamber. You'll awaken to the sounds of turbulence around you, people screaming, the sound of glass breaking and even the sound of your own heart as it beats back to life.

However, you won't be alarmed by the soothing voice that begs for you to calm and will help guide you through Eden in order to keep your chances of survival high. Just remember: time is against you and every choice you make could be the end.

For now, however, you'll remain in rest until March 9th, 2017 for Windows PC via Steam.

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Survival Horror Game 'P.A.M.E.L.A.' Is 'Deus Ex' Meets 'BioShock'
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