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Johann Hollar6 days ago
Into Video Games 2
Welcome back to another installment of the "Why not Do These?" series. We are back to anime and manga. After reading a few more mangas I wanted to add more since the last post.
Nancy D14 days ago
'Deep Sea Fishing' - Legit or Scam?
Deep Sea Fishing is yet another game that claims you can make real money just by playing a game. This time they are promising Amazon Gift Cards! Is this one legit... or is it another scam? I downloade...
Matt Blake18 days ago
How Mega Man Impacted My Life!
Many people have passions, and these are forged out of love, excitement, and unbridled enthusiasm. For me, my passion is for the iconic character Mega Man! This character is the main protagonist in th...
'Breath of The Wild 2'
As we all know, I am a bit of a Zelda fan, and have been for quite some time. It all began in 1992 (which is a longer time ago than I care to admit at this point!), when my dad bought A Link to The Pa...
Dragon's Lair
Normally, I have no problem playing video games. In fact, I remember growing up with CD-roms (ex. the Reader Rabbit CDs), and then I was introduced to a pink Gameboy Advance (which I had shared with my two sisters, even though I was the one that played with that device more than they did). And eventually, as a young adult, I bought games off of Steam, so that I can have games on my laptop computer. But something about Dragon's Lair had gotten me legitimately interested. It was sometime in early ...
Nancy D2 months ago
My 24 First Thoughts from Playing 'Skyrim' for the First Time
I am 25 years old and an active video game player. I have a PS4, steam, and as of recently a pretty decent gaming computer. I have somehow managed to never play Skyrim for myself. I have seen other pe...
Maggie Mae2 months ago
'The Witcher': From Zero to Success
Magic, alchemy, monsters, and a charismatic main character. The Witcher is the most critically acclaimed video game. The series so far counts three main games, a couple of mobile games, and some flash...
Daniel Romero2 months ago
Quest Room: Party Hard
Whats going on guys? It's Dannis here, and I pretty much forgot what happened because I Partied Hard at Quest Room. Wouldn’t you know my luck? Before the party even started, I went to the wrong addres...
Nancy D3 months ago
How to Get All 20 Power Paws
There are four ways to get the tokens: at the festivals, throughout the lands, down In the mines and from the totems. All 20: Nine paws throughout the lands Four from the festivals Three from the mine...
Wesley M3 months ago
Pokémon for the OG Generation
I didn't have many video games as a child. I'm not exactly sure why, but my parents wouldn't buy me a Game Boy, Nintendo DS, PSP, Game Cube, Xbox, or PlayStation until I was around ten years old, but ...
Don Grubb4 months ago
'Spyro 4'
Back in 2004 I saw the commercial for Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly on TV. I was so happy, being a big Spyro fan, myself. It took up most of my time; playing any kind of Spyro game I could. When the game...
Kirsten Woods4 months ago
Hopes for the Gen Eight Games
The Generation VII Pokemon Games marked the first time that I didn't invest any money in an upper version of a Pokemon, and there's a reason for that. For many years, many people have been wishing for...
Nancy D4 months ago
Have You Heard of 'Cattails'?
I've discovered a new game and I wanted to share it with others. It's a simple game that I have managed to get a lot of hours of fun out of.
Nancy D4 months ago
'CatTails:' A Review
I had almost unlocked every achievement in Stardew Valley when I finally realized I needed a new game... but I was still obsessed with Stardew. That's when I found CatTails! The best way to describe C...
Mimo le Singe4 months ago
Theory Evaluations and Other Thoughts: 'Starfox' Edition
In which I answer two commonly asked questions in forums and offer a long-winded final thought on something that continues to bug me to this day.
Lionel Houde4 months ago
'Imbroglio': Four by Four Board, Infinite Fun
When you imagine a game that's extremely involved, and super-deep, you probably won't be thinking about a game with a four by four board. However, independent designer Michael Brough's masterpiece, Im...
Gaming CornTato4 months ago
Not/Do When Raging
I’ve been gaming for over five years and I’ve noticed that I don’t rage anymore and I used to be raging soo much, I used to smash walls and swear a lot. If you come across like this try these tips, th...