Pacman, Tetris, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders; revisit retro arcade video games and shop for modern reboots of the all-time classics.

Nick Falkner20 days ago
Hidden Rants Inside Video Game Code
First off, credit where credit is due. This article could not be possible, or inspired, without the videos of "Guru Larry" Bundy Jr. His "Fact Hunt" series chronicled a lot of things in video games yo...
Brian 4 months ago
Becoming a Casual Gamer
I've played video games most of my life and looking back I definitely went through some stages. My earliest memory of gaming was when I was maybe five or six years old. My older brother bought an Atar...
Nancy D9 months ago
2D Arcade Game Review
I found a new 2D arcade game with amazing music that I like to play a little every now and again. It’s decently new—it came out in 2017 and it’s by Nickervision Studios. It’s called Orbt XL and it’s o...
Roddy BWa year ago
The Real Reason You Loved '90s Arcade Games: No Online Play
Back when I was an early teenager, the best place to play video games was in a video arcade. Now this might sound strange in an era of unprecedented connectivity, but people really did drive to the sh...
Roddy BWa year ago
What Ever Happened To Old-School Save Points?
I recently bought a Sega Mega Drive Classic to relive the glory of the gaming past. The synaptic clustering of so many enduring childhood memories has had my neurons on overdrive as I have made my way...
Jay Vergaraa year ago
Bandai Namco Is Opening A VR Arcade In Tokyo This Month
Japan has always been in the forefront of electronics and it looks as if they're upping their game yet again with the opening of an all VR arcade this April in Tokyo, Japan. VR Zone: Project i Can is ...
Lewis Jefferiesa year ago
Japan's New 'Attack On Titan' Arcade Game Has The Most Amazing Controllers
Revealed by Game Watch Impress, the all new controllers will have analog sticks and triggers to make it easier to maneuver our heroes, and to attack! The new team battle Attack On Titan game supports ...
Neal Litherlanda year ago
What Are Charity Arcades?
Video games are big business, but these days most of them reside in our homes, or live in our pockets. We play online from our PCs, we connect via the Playstation network with our friends, or we play ...
Valerie Vacantea year ago
What Hacking Space Invaders Frenzy Can Teach Us About Work and Play
Whether you are a gamer or not, if you’ve ever been to an arcade or pizza joint you’ve likely played the 1978 arcade classic Space Invaders created by Taito (pew pew pew—that’s laser sounds). Space In...