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Nancy D2 years ago
'Plants Vs. Zombies' Tips and Easter Eggs
In Plants vs. Zombies, the Steam edition, there is a tree of wisdom that gives you hints and easter eggs if you feed it fertilizer. However, the truth is that most of the advice is obvious. Worse, the...
Coorey Teebz2 years ago
Speedrunning Cheaters and Why They Pick Japanese Games
Speedrunning is when someone plays and records themselves during a video game with the intentions of completing it as fast as they possibly can. Speedruns are usually the entire game, however, sometim...
Adam Chapman2 years ago
Are Loot Boxes Gambling?
Video gaming in the modern age can be brilliant. In a moment's notice, you can be connected to people on the other side of the world, challenging to be the best in glorious 4K graphics. It's truly som...
Dustin Murphy2 years ago
'Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood' — Square Enix May Let You Catch Up, But There's A Catch
If you've ever played a #FinalFantasy game, you'll know they are ridiculous in size. Riddled with stories, the worlds are crafted with intricate details, and their design is unique. Translate that gra...
Matthew Bailey2 years ago
Feeling Overwhelmed By 'Watch Dogs 2' Hacking? Here's How To Hack To Get Total CTRL
After years of anticipation, Watch Dogs 2 has finally hit the shelves and loyal fans have been justly rewarded with the impressive sequel. Watch Dogs 2 moves players from the darkened streets of Chica...