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George Coker2 months ago
Champion Update: Nunu
Today, I've been hit with a sudden sense of ennui, which here means that I'm writing an article about playing video games cause it feels like I've got nothing better to do. Today, I found out that they're changing Nunu. While part of me is bouncing with excitement like the energetic baby-book protagonist that Nunu has become, another part of me is wistful, perhaps wary even. League of Legends over time has shown that more than anything else, the developers are focused on change. And while change...
Jake Alston4 months ago
'2K and Live:' The Rise and Rise and Rise
I started playing basketball video games around 2013. Y'know, the one where MJ was the cover star? Started with a game between the '92 Bulls and the '92 Hornets? That was when the games used SP, or sk...
Davion Moore4 months ago
The History of 'NBA 2K' Covers
As both a basketball fan and video game fan, it is only natural that both of my interests meet in some way. For several years, NBA 2K has been just that. NBA 2K allows me to combine my love for the ga...
Briana Martin4 months ago
Support Tips for 'League of Legends'
I've been playing support for a long time now. Most people think that supporting is fairly easy, but it takes a lot of dedication for the role. After playing the role for a long time, I managed to fin...
The Gamers Ghost5 months ago
Alien51 Gaming Is What Las Vegas eSports Is All About
When it comes to sports, no matter which it is, when you’re looking for a team to root for, you don’t go solely based off of its win/loss record. Sure, it’s always nice to back a winner, but if that t...
Nathan Harms7 months ago
Are You a Sports Gamer?
If you have played NBA 2K18, you noticed some awesome new features! The mechanics alone surprised me—I mean, your steps are no longer an animation. You can literally catch the ball and take one step a...
Geozaki Lauro7 months ago
What Makes a Good Pro Team?
Back in November 2017, Blizzcon hosted the second Overwatch World cup finals. The eight countries who did well enough to play on the stage at Blizzcon were the USA, China, France, Canada, Australia, S...
Calder Amos-Wood8 months ago
Overwatch League: Stage 1 Recap
Stage 1 of the Overwatch League has wrapped and there has been a lot that has happened. Here is a basic overview of some standout news from stage 1 and a playoff recap.
Milica Markovic8 months ago
Even More Gaming Topics
In this I discuss innovation, the use of blood types in characters' profiles, and eSports.
Scootah Scootah9 months ago
'Rocket League': Improve Your Gameplay
So I started playing Rocket League about 11 months ago.
Bill Shaffir9 months ago
The Best Gamers in the World Right Now
Video games aren't just a fun way to kill time with your friends, and for many of the professional gamers in the world, it's a cutthroat way to make a living. Since the inception of video games, compe...
Tara Foulkrod10 months ago
EU LCS 2016 Causes Physical Tilting
We are smack dab in the middle of the League of Legends EU LCS Summer 2016. There have been a lot of ties in these "Best of 2" matches against a number of teams, with some great plays, some meh plays,...
Dustin Murphy10 months ago
'Overwatch' Pro Ends His Esports Career Thanks to Racist Outburst. Is This the New Normal?
If you've ever played the famed Blizzard online game #Overwatch, there's no doubt that you've encountered some major jerks. It's a multiplayer FPS that is still in its infancy compared to other esport...
Dustin Murphya year ago
ESports in the Olympics? Here's Why They Don't Belong There
Over the years the eSport circuits have begun to grow. In much of Asia, the eSports arena has become a serious sporting event for many games, and is one that continues to do so at an unprecedented spe...
Logan Boohera year ago
Is 'Overwatch' Overly Competitive?
I remember when the Overwatch Beta first released for consoles openly and I downloaded it. It was a blast, as a huge TF2 Fan (which many people say is Overwatch is a total rip-off of, which is a different topic for a different day), playing as all of the different characters, finding the little niche playstyles you needed to adapt to with the characters and how they work with and against other players, via ultimate combos and cancels/reversals. But as I've now played for over a year now and have...
Jack Tinmoutha year ago
Death of a Dynasty
It was what everyone considered to be unthinkable. A repeat of last year's World Championship final. Another win to be chalked up by the perennial Korean powerhouse that is SK Telecom T1. It all seeme...
Izu Moraha year ago
The People of FIFA
FIFA. One little game that grew to change the world of gaming for all soccer fans. We all remember the old crappy versions of FIFA but that didn’t stop us from playing them. Eventually EA got their he...
Pierce Kingstona year ago
Top 10 eSports Games/Divisions for eSports Organizations
These are games which are great for eSports organizations.