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Craig Housea month ago
Forget the MCU, It’s All About the MGU
It has seen Marvel transform from a comic book company struggling to keep afloat into an entertainment titan. However, one goldmine has yet to be tapped fully is the world of gaming. Early in the MCU’s life, there were a few movie tie-in games produced; but in recent years, that trend in the video game industry has all-but died out. Now Marvel, instead of looking at producing games based on their movies, are branching out into exclusive re-imaginings for the Playstation 4. So what has happened s...
Maggie Mae2 months ago
The Strong Message of '11-11: Memories Retold'
I guess every video game can teach us a valuable lesson, and I strongly believe it is our duty to share the message and help the world being a better place. We are facing tough times, from Trump cagin...
Aaron Dennis3 months ago
'Rebelstar Tactical Command'
Fortunately, this isn’t Rebel Alliance…. Rebelstar TC is a sci fi, turn-based, strategy game, but it mixes action adventure elements in by allowing the characters to increase their special skills when...
Mac 783213 months ago
'Watch Dogs'
Watch Dogs is an action, adventure video game developed by a well known company called Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It was released worldwide on May 27, 2014 on almost every platform you...
Max Brooks4 months ago
"It All Led in the Direction of 'Natural Selection'"
Natural Selection is the differentiation of individuals in a species, leading to those best suited to the environment being able to pass their genes on down the line. It is a key element of evolution,...
Jamie Papworth4 months ago
'Resident Evil 2' Remake Review
For a very many people across the world, modernised remakes of their favourite childhood games are a dream come true. The way things are going, more and more games developers are starting to realise t...
Aaron Dennis4 months ago
'The Legend of Zelda'
The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker was a phenomenal work of art released back in 2003 on the Game Cube. This is debatably my favorite Zelda game. I say debatably, because I think I enjoyed Phantom Ho...
Max Brooks4 months ago
All I See Are Hexagons, All I Hear Are Chiptunes
Oh God, this game is so hard. Part of me hates it. But I also can't stop playing it. I've made it my mission to play all the games that I've neglected over the years, and I knew that I owed Terry Cava...
Max Brooks4 months ago
"You Can Go as Far as You Like, but You Can Never Come Back"
The following article contains Spoilers for Little Inferno, and I mean BIG spoilers. I mean spoilers so spoileriffic that I actually feel like I misled people by saying there were major spoilers in my...
Max Brooks4 months ago
"It's Little Inferno Just for Me!"
SPOILERS: This game is gonna have some pretty major spoilers for Little Inferno! Don't read if that's the sort of thing that bothers you!!So, I checked my Humble Bundle library recently. I'm sure like...
Crystal Heart4 months ago
Crimson's 'Fallout Shelter' Review
Most mobile games are just a grind fest of mindless gathering of resources and this game isn't really that much of an exception. Figuring out the strategy to keep the vault running is pretty fun, but ...
Brian Anonymous4 months ago
My Review of 'Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown'
I didn't get into Ace Combat until I discovered Ace Combat 4 on the PlayStation 2. That game had me hooked. It had a nice variety of missions and the gradual difficulty was just about right. I had a g...
Roy Jones5 months ago
Retro Review
I'll be honest when I say that when I picked up Max Payne 3 for X Box 360 for around £12.50, I didn't expect to play it for long. About four years later and I'm actually on to my eighth play through. ...
Leigh Hooper5 months ago
'Spyro: Reignited' Trilogy
At the end of 2018 a thousand childhood memories came rushing back to me when I heard the news: Spyro was coming back! The reignited trilogy was going to enable me to play the games I loved as a kid a...
Brandon Lee5 months ago
'APEX' Could Mark the End of 'Fortnite'
We all know Fortnite is the most popular game almost ever! At least in pop culture. I never saw a game blow up like Fortnite and I believe Fortnite helped advance the gaming industry years in advance....
Mimo le Singe5 months ago
My Old Editorial Stash (Pt. 2)
An Archive of Pieces I Wrote that Probably Don't Hold Up Anymore, but I Chose to Share Anyway
Charna Sanson5 months ago
Season 8 Pilot Review
The time has come again for me to do my official review of Fortnite's latest season. I did one for Season 7 and now Season 8 gets its turn. In this review I shall be looking at the Map Changes, Battle...
Austin Wilson6 months ago
'Far Cry: New Dawn'
Ubisoft has decided to change things up with their Far Cry series, this time by releasing a direct sequel. Some may argue that Far Cry Primal, or Far Cry Predator where their first sequels. Really tho...