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Ten Reasons to Be Pumped for 'Dynasty Warriors 9'!

Just a small list of some of the great things to come with the new open world 'Dynasty Warriors' game!

I know, I know, it's another Dynasty Warriors game, let's face it they have kind of gotten like Madden. (Except they actually try and add in more than one new thing a year.)

Here's the thing though they are doing a whole new game this time around! With all kinds of GREAT new additions and improvements! So let's jump in and talk about some of the things!

Open World

For the first time in Dynasty Warriors history the game is going to be jumping into the open world genre. I for one am super stoked about this! In the past every map kind of had an open word feel to it, but still it was staged based. This time around it's a massive map with all kinds of locations and objectives. No time limit on beating a stage. If you want to run around and enjoy life in the kingdoms they go for it! They have small actives lined out for you so you can enjoy the game.

90 Characters

Not only are they basically creating a whole new game, but right out of the gate they have 90 characters! Like let’s give it up to the creators. Sure they have the models on hand, but that doesn't mean they had to go and give us all them right from the get go. (They could have been dirty and gone the download content route.)

Now sure there are some clones in there... OK... Fine but they have a TON of brand new content that we've never seen. They've created a whole new experience with this open world. Maybe they didn't have the time, motivation, or they was just tired from creating a world that’s two and a half to three hours to cross. Let’s be glad that they gave us these guys rather than be angry at them for not giving them to us. Besides you can always change their weapon if you’re that tilted from it.

Don't forget that this release has added in seven new ones characters to play! And that's not counting the four new NPC characters that will be part of a DLC later on.

Strategic Play

Let’s give it up to them for finally giving us a game where it looks like we might actually be in a war! In the past it was kind of like, "run there and kill this dude to unlock the door to this dude, then rinse and repeat until the main dude wants to die."

This time it's all about beating and controlling bases. Stopping supply routes, and pushing the front line so that you can fight the final boss at the end.

Weapon swaps

The game has set up a system where if you’re playing your favorite general, but you're just not digging the weapon assigned to the, you don't have to be too mad at the clones. They can just steal someone else’s weapon and wreak havoc on the battle field!

The Map

The map on this game is massive! Like Never before... clearly because it's an open world game, but you get my point! It’s supposed to take two and a half to three hours to get across the map from corner to corner! I think that's on foot. (Don't worry, there is fast travel!) That's crazy! Also not to mention the locations that they've added to the game! Some of them inspired by real life locations! It's going to be amazing!

Day and Night

Now sure day and night isn't always something that you notice in a game, until one day you're laid back taking you're game play super easy. Then notice that the moon is staring at you from across the mountain. You turn around and see your beautiful shadow dancing around behind you. Pause for a moment and appreciate the developers and then go on with life. In Dynasty Warriors 9, the cycling not only adds a great look and feel to what is already going to be an amazing game. It adds some game play to it as well!

At night there won't be as much fighting, as much as everyone's resting for the next day. Vision has a limit. Try sneaking up on our fodder, and then when you do they become dazed and confused by the sudden attack. Talk about shock and awe! (Bad joke? Sorry, felt like it fit.) And if that isn't enough at night, bandit raiding parties will even appear. They will drop great loot if you beat them, but beware they're designed to be harder opponents than normal.

Grappling hook, Horse leveling, and Housing

Sometimes it’s all about the small things that they add to games that we need to learn to appreciate. The grappling hook, is going to enable us to climb our enemies walls and infiltrate their base while they're sleeping, to give us the upper hand on those hard situations. Then, we can even use it while we're out exploring the world. Some places will be hard to reach, but at least we'll have our grappling hook to get us there.

If that isn't enough even our horses level up in this game! Based on how you use your pony, its stats will raise to that situation. If you like to run around, maybe it will get faster. If you sit on your horse and fight from its back, well, you'll be as cavalry horse unit! Which would raise attack damage while on horseback? Hey I don't know I haven't played the game!

I don't know much on this one but we'll get our own houses! Where we can decorate them and even have generals stop by and meet with us! They'll even be used as fast traveling points.

Each character has an ending.

And lastly, each of the 90 characters have been prepared with their very own ending! Let's just take a moment to give the developers a slow clap for that one. (As long as they’re not clone endings!) I mean it, really! That's impressive. They treated each character with their own ending, and not an overall alliance ending. Thank you!

Well there you have it, and that's just a small list of some of the great things to look forward in the game that slammed onto the game racks on February 13 and slashes its way into our hearts! I hope everyone takes a chance on getting this game!

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Ten Reasons to Be Pumped for 'Dynasty Warriors 9'!
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