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Terry Crews Is Most-Definitely Going to be in 'Overwatch'

The former linebacker-turned-actor, Terry Crews, has expressed his want to join 'Overwatch'.

Courtesy of Terry Crews

If you've ever wondered what's going on with the smash-hit Overwatch, which won Game of the Year at the VGA's, look no further than Terry Crews' social media pages. The former linebacker-turned-actor has now expressed his want to join one of the games I've absolutely fallen for. While not a huge fan of competitive titles, I've found myself drawn into #Overwatch thanks to its lore.

That is also because of something rather unique, a villain that currently doesn't exist in Overwatch. A character that has managed to elude us at every twist and turn, except for glimpses of his Doomfist weapon on the map Numbani, which is the home for Lucio, and present itself as one of the most enjoyable ones at that. It's also the same fist teased in the games very first short that helped premier it and bolstered the games fandom.

This story, however, is one of the more interesting ones that fans can take a look into, it's also one that fans can seemingly enjoy. However, the Brooklyn 99 actor seems to feel he might just have the role of Doomfist with how much the fans are backing him. The whole thing that started it? A simple post on Reddit where Terry Crews popped in after fans stated that he would enjoy the idea Terry himself playing the games main villain. His response? Just what we all would expect:


And shortly after that? Terry Crews actually payed a visit to Blizzard's campus and ended up posting a picture of him posing underneath the Overwatch logo. Underneath the photo of him posing, Terry crews asked "Who wants to hear me do the voice of Doomfist for real??"

Image via Twitter

If you go to his Twitter page, this resonates loudly among almost 5 thousand fans, and even an awesome little tweet from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as seen above.

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Terry Crews Is Most-Definitely Going to be in 'Overwatch'
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