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'The Evil Within 2': 8 Tips to Help Get You Started During Your Trip to Union

High risk equals high reward in 'The Evil Within 2'.

[Credits: Bethesda]

When playing a game like Bethesda's recently released The Evil Within 2, there's no doubt you're busy at work trying to stay alive, scavenge for supplies, and even explore through the town of Union. During your time there you may notice things get a little hellish for the retired detective Sebastian Castellanos.

The entire game is a constant learning curve, one that ensures that your first several hours are the most intense as you begin scavenging for all your available supplies. As someone who's been busy working hard at review for the game, here's a few tips I can hand down in order to help you get started on your way through Union a bit faster.

Even search this church. There's stuff here. [Credits: Bethesda]

Take it slow - Search everything.

Whether you know it or not, there's always a word of advice I've handed down from each newcomer to games of this genre: Search everything. Don't be scared to take your time due to the unfortunate fact that there are quite a few enemies waiting around in order to take you out. Because of this, it's highly advised that you watch your surroundings, look in everything you can. If a fight seems imminent, try to avoid it the best you can and use your bottles to your advantage.

After all, Sebastian's a retired detective gone average Joe. He might be great with a gun, but don't expect him to take out any of those enemies with a knife. He won't excel with it at any point throughout the game. Just remember, he's not weak. He's just human and requires a steadier pace compared to more heroic characters such as Isaac Clark of Dead Space. Unfortunate, his resources are also a bit more limited than Isaac's.

Yea, he may be napping, but he will kill you. [Credits: Bethesda]

Stealth is a major payoff.

Unlike other survival horror games, The Evil Within 2 isn't shy about its use in stealth mechanics. With supplies such as ammo and healing kits are limited, don't forget that you ARE limited to what you find. The use of stealth kills are key and will be extremely important for you to utilize later in the game.

This is where the use of stealth, bottles, and your stealth kills will come into play. Kills can offer you rewards such as: Green ooze to help boost your stats, ammo for your guns, and even healing items for those desperate moments when you need to heal up. Even as an amazing shot, you may want to take note your weapons don't do a lot. You will need to upgrade them in order to ensure they do what you need.

Even with the weakest enemy nearby, you may find yourself at a point where your clips will empty out fast. You'll even fly through your ammo reserves unless you are careful. So as stated earlier, taking things slow is probably your best bet. In order to survive, you may also want to go through the town quietly as possible and at your own pace.

[Credits: Bethesda]

Don't use your gun(s) unless you absolutely need to.

If you've played any horror survival game since the days of Silent Hill, Rule of Rose, or Resident Evil - you already know that supplies are limited. You won't be able to easily replenish them. If you're going to get into a firefight, do note that your guns are loud - very loud. They will draw creatures nearby to you, which means you may have some unwanted attention. You may also want to do one simple as explained by many: Don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

If you do bring a knife to a gunfight, make sure you replace it with an axe.

If you're like Sebastian or myself, you may only get a few swings out of your knife before you realize two things: One, you're going to die from an unfortunate turn of events. Two, you're probably going to run out of breath by the second swing. Also, if you have an axe, you're going to win with a single swing of the weapon.

[Credits: Bethesda]

Stealth kills, stealth kills, stealth kills.

When starting out, as I stated, stealth is your surest way to win as you take out the cities afflicted on your own. Sadly, one of the best ways is from getting a stealth kill from the side or around a corner. Unfortunately, you can't do it near the beginning. Instead you will have to wait till you get enough green gel from your enemies in order to level up that perk from Nurse Tatiana. Once you get the upgraded stealth ability called 'Ambush', you're solid, and can easily do the job around corners or from the sides if needed.

Stab, stab, and stab some more.

If you end up in a fight, just remember: Stabbing and shooting go hand in hand. Unlike horror films, you can't just assume the creatures dead because it hit the ground. If you aren't quite sure, walk over to it, give it a few pokes. If your loot drops or the enemy begins to bubble? It's game over for them and you fortunately have won the fight at that point. Also, watch for loot when doing this.

[Credits: Bethesda]

Always remember this: Union is an open world environment.

When you're in a game that's open world and in a horror survival element, it's hard to remember that you need to explore as you fight for your life. Creatures are always making their push to take you out in any way possible. Just as they are trying to kill you, it's important for you to remember that you need to explore. You need to find a balance in your progression through side quests and your main quest. While this balancing of your enjoyment sounds like a bit of a conflict of interest, the game has a lot laying in wait for you.

Exploring buildings can have major pay offs. Some can host a secret path for you to enter an unknown area of Union, which can serve as a host to some powerful weapons. The downside? You also will encounter rather powerful weapons that can help you dispatch some of your more powerful foes later in. Just remember: High risk equals high reward in The Evil Within 2.

[Credits: Bethesda]

About that cat in Sebastian's office...

Last, but not least. That cat you want to pet REALLY bad? Don't try. You can't and it's bullshit.

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'The Evil Within 2': 8 Tips to Help Get You Started During Your Trip to Union
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