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The Horror Game That Inspired 'BioShock' Is Being Remade. Check Out The Trailer Here

Thanks to Night Dive Studios, 'System Shock Remastered' has been in the works since last year.

Ever wanted to go back in time and face off against the original horror that inspired BioShock? What about the chance to come up against Shodan and her mindless yet highly lethal minions as they wander the Citadel? That chance is coming to Unreal Engine 4, the very engine that has brought us legendary games like Gears of War 4 and Kingdom Hearts Final Chapter in recent months.

Thanks to Night Dive Studios — the minds behind Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil — #SystemShockRemastered has been in the works since last year. And with the successful crowdfunding through Kickstarter, the proposed game has now received its trailer release.

[Courtesy: Night Dive Studios]

Nostalgic Trailer Is Modern Horror Survival

As games like #BioShock breathe new life into the horror genre, we may have forgotten the cult-classic roots of such games. Luckily for us, this trailer brings back all those classic gameplay elements, including Shodan's creepy voice and familiar scenery, but with all-new graphics. Whether it's steam rolling off pipes, steam rising from vents, or blood trickling off weapons, System Shock Remastered is definitely bringing the '90s back to life in a way we've perhaps never seen before.

Except there seems to be something missing. Whatever happened to that classic HUD? Or to Shodan making a player's life a living nightmare? And what about bringing the Citadel to life in a destructive manner?

[Courtesy: Night Dive Studios]

Just Remember, 2018 Is A Ways Out

Even though the pre-alpha looks absolutely outstanding, it's still in very early development. With the game coming to #PlayStation4, we can only hope that 2018 gets here quickly. Until then, let's just pray Shodan doesn't get antsy like us.

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The Horror Game That Inspired 'BioShock' Is Being Remade. Check Out The Trailer Here
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