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The 'Is It Love?' Mobile Games

Fantasy, Game, Love, Your Choices

I was scrolling through social media like any other day, and I stumbled upon a game that sucks you away into a fantasy world, where you get to make your own choices within every situation they provide.

As crazy as it sounds, it’s almost thrilling to play these games, because without any control, you get yourself into dangerous situations, and you are feeling all these feelings roaming around your stomach because it’s almost realistic for you.

The Is It Love? game I’ve been playing the most has you pose as a beautiful woman who moves into a new town after just dealing with the trauma of losing her parents, and she immediately begins her journey, not only going through college, but working as an au pair for a family with ancient history. 

The other Is It Love? games are thrilling in other ways, though I’ve not played them, but just watching the preview videos for them give you a feel about what you’d be dealing with. 

With the game I am dealing with, you’ve got this huge whack of thrilling and pleasurable danger, because your character’s love interest, Peter, happens to be one of the dangerous yet handsome Bartholy vampire brothers. 

And then aside from that, you’ve got a load of drama, which personally isn’t something I like to go after, because it just leads to more problems which really are unnecessary. There seems to almost always be a love triangle, just because the story is made so the couple won’t experience an easy relationship. 

But then again, what relationship is easy? It always seems that way in the beginning, but then you always will run into an obstacle, and then somehow you may or may not make it out. 

Your main character develops a friendship with a girl named Sarah, who has history with the Bartholy brothers, but not the good kind. It’s shown most often that what happened between them is a sensitive topic, because they try and avoid it as much as possible. 

But to top it off, it can be so annoying having to wait hours and hours before you get all your energy points back. It works like this; each day you receive 300 energy points for free, and then if you wish, you can watch videos to get 20-30 more points—alongside a mini card game with 100 points as a prize. 

But aside from having to wait, sometimes people playing these games find it such a pain to have to pay so much just so they can play. I’ve had to go so far as to buy points, because I wanted to keep going, but there are times I simply just don’t want to, so I make myself wait. 

I think occasionally, it’s worth buying those extra points, especially if you are as hooked as I was. There’s so much romance and thrill within these stories, it’s almost as if you’re living a second life, because everything that happens feels realistic. 

The picture I’ve provided shows an example of the Is It Love? series. This set of games each contains a devilishly handsome man, and one woman as the two main characters. 

Each Is It Love? story focuses on one male character, calling it his story. Each character has a different background, a different history, when it comes to love, family, and friends, and how they each treat the female character is different too. 

But what I’ve noticed is that there will be one or two rivals hoping to steal the male main character from your character, and jealousy and envy play a huge role in each story. 

As of three to five weeks ago, a game focusing on the elder Bartholy brother, Nicolae, just came out, and many women, including myself, have been anxiously waiting its arrival. I’m sure you can imagine what that’s like. You hear about a game, you get excited, you get anxious waiting for it to come out, and the minute it does you wait no minute to download and play it. 

In the end though, everyone’s opinion about these games will be different, and each lovely lady playing these games will not care for one character, and go crazy over another, and could very well end up getting rid of the game all together. But as for me, well, so far, the two games from the series have brought me nothing but complete satisfaction, and I have no regrets playing them. 

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The 'Is It Love?' Mobile Games
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