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'The Last of Us 2'

Info and Opinion

It's been a long time since I've lost and attached to a game like this one. All from the graphics, setting, stage interaction, storyline, and character emotions. I could not get enough of this world, I needed to walk through every room and interact with everything you could in the levels just to be and feel closer to this masterpiece.

I've heard rumors that we won't be seeing much of Joel and Ellie in this game, but like I said, they're rumors. The game will take place five years after the last one. The storyline isn't really clear yet, but all we know Ellie's pissed and wants to kill a certain group of people. The first commercial shows Ellie as if she killed a group of people in the house and as angry, wanting revenge. The second commercial shows us a scene with Ellie's mother. The company never really released who it was, but the audience lean towards Ellie's mother. I can assure you that we can expect another emotionally thrilling adventure.

The last game trailer raised some questions with the new introduced characters. I also believe that's where all the rumors started. We know by now that Ellie's badass mother, Anna, was introduced. It is not clear when the scene is taking place, but we know from the previous game that Anna, Ellie's mother, died while giving birth to Ellie. There was a letter written to Ellie that she always keeps, along with Anna's switchblade. We're also not certain what the scene has to do with the new quest for the game, but we will definitely find out in time. It is expected to be released by 2019.

One thing I thought was underrated by the audience about this game is the multiplayer. I've heard of many people say that they have played the story line and that it's a great game, but they never knew there was an online multiplayer. Not only did this game have an amazing story mode, it also had an amazing competitive multiplayer concept and game play. When the game started, I had an unstoppable team of players. We would sync together perfectly as a unit because we understood each other's style of playing. It's a great strategy game if you find the right team to communicate and collaborate with.

The online multiplayer is a four vs four player with three modes which are Supply Raid, Survivor, and Interrogation. For Supply Raid, your team has 20 lives, and every time a teammate dies, the numbers go down until you hit 0. In Survivor mode, each teammate only has one life, and the last man standing wins along with his or her team. For Interrogation, your team needs to grab the opposing player when executing them to "interrogate." Once your team fills up the bar of interrogation, there will be a safe that you and your teammates have to protect while one of you tries to get the bar all the way up to open the safe then win the game.

It would be nice if in the new game we had choices for interaction and every choice goes towards its own path. It would lead to more exploration, even replaying the games just to see where the other choices lead to. Another thing I always wished in the multiplayer mode was counters like in the story mode. If there were ways to counter each other in multiplayer, it would just make every match even more intense than they are.

Most of us can agree this game was nothing less than a masterpiece. It comes to show us how important the amount of time and energy put into these projects can affect us as artists and game connoisseurs. 

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'The Last of Us 2'
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