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The Marvel Universe Is About To Get Even Bigger In September With 'Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite'

This isn't the first time these Marvel and Capcom have crossed paths on gaming consoles, dating all the way back to 1996.

We all know that the Marvel Universe is already incredibly massive. There's really no denying that fact, considering that we've spent millions upon millions of dollars watching movies and television shows, buying comics and collectables. Yet, even though the video game universe hasn't really gotten there yet in terms of expanding the Marvel Universe, this September we're in store for the craziest expanse yet.

On September 19th of 2017, Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite hit store shelves and officially combined the Marvel and #Capcom universes together. This isn't the first time these characters have crossed paths on gaming consoles dating all the way back to 1996 with X-Men vs. Street Fighter on the Sega Saturn and #PlayStation. Yet this time the stakes are high as we see two of the most pivotal antagonists, Ultron from Marvel and Sigma from #MegaManX, forge an alliance as well as the known universes (thank you very much Infinity Stones).

In Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, the two mega villains use the Space and Reality Infinity Stones to fuse themselves as well as the known universes together into one singular dimension in which they rule. Because of this merger, heroes from both universes must join together to defeat Ultron Sigma.

This game was the 5 year itch for many fans.

Image Credit: Capcom/Marvel

Back in 2012 when Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 was released on the PlayStation Vita and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins arrived on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it was announced that Marvel's new parent company, The House of Mouse would not renew licensing deals with third-party developers - instead opting for self-published titles like the Disney Infinity series.

This decision removed Ultimate and Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes from the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in 2013, and left many fans wondering if we'd ever see these universe cross paths again. Then in May 2016, Disney announced that they would be switching back to a licensing-only model and new negotiations began with Capcom. Seven months later during Sony's PlayStation Experience in December of the same year it was officially unveiled that Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was finally happening. And with the new game announcement we learned that Norio Hirose would serve as the games director, and fans got to have their cake and eat it too.

The official trailer shows off how ridiculous the entire concept seems, and that's what makes this new game so appealing. Since this new game comes several years after the last iteration, there are a few things that have changed.

Tag Team Battles

Image Credits: Capcom/Marvel

One of the outstanding gameplay mechanics is being retained in the sense that there is still a tag team battle: although instead of 3 characters, players will now have 2 characters to control.

Also, the previous character assists have been removed, and in place of that mechanic, the game will implement a combo system that allows players to chain together a continuous combo between your team of characters.

Infinity Stone Integration

Image Credits: Capcom/Marvel

This wouldn't be a Marvel Universe game if there weren't #InfinityStones, considering how prevalent they are in the main cinematic universe. In the game, controlling an infinity stone will bestow unique abilities and stat boosts depending on which stone the player has.

Before each battle, players will be afforded the opportunity to choose one Infinity Stone to take into battle that will augment their characters. For example the Power Stone will increase strength whereas the Time stone will increase maneuverability.

A Cinematic Story Mode

Image Credits: Capcom/Marvel

For the first time in the franchise history, there will be a cinematic story that catalogs the two universes combination and the plight that the heroes and villains from both worlds much face in order to defeat Ultron Sigma.

Capcom hoped to expand the appeal of the game beyond just the diehard fans, and the cinematic story mode is a big proponent of that expanse. Considering how appealing the various mediums are for fans of Marvel (television, film and comic) it makes sense to incorporate an engaging story for the game as it will likely draw in a new fan base and propel the franchise forward for additional games.

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The Marvel Universe Is About To Get Even Bigger In September With 'Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite'
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