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The Nintendo Switch Just Re-innovated Gaming

Nintendo has done the unimaginable and made an exciting preview of their upcoming console.

Courtesy of Nintendo of America

As my clock ticks, I sit here with my PlayStation Vita on my desk to my left, my Nintendo 3DS to my right, and both my PlayStation 4 as well as my Xbox One to the front of me and behind me depending which way you are facing. You'd be impressed to notice the recent dust collection that has managed to grow metaphorically on my Wii U. It's a sight that no one should bare for a console that sought to re-innovate the way we see gaming. It's a console that wanted to evolve gaming in a manner of both interactivity and a way to separate our need for using a T.V. It's a console that managed to pull in fans who have spent hundreds of hours upon the device before it's untimely "death" seemed to happen.

These things, aren't something you are looking to learn about, the dust on my barely used Nintendo Wii U nor my preferential treatment towards my PlayStation 4 and it's companion, the PlayStation Vita. Today, Nintendo has done the unimaginable and made an exciting preview of their upcoming console, a few select launch games, and well the console itself the Nintendo Switch. Let alone did we get a glimpse of how appealing the Nintendo Switch is at it's $299 price tag, but more importantly, we got a glimpse of just what the Nintendo Switch seeks to do when it f: Innovate gaming to new heights never-before-seen.

Nintendo's Switch console aims to be a social centerpiece.

Courtesy of Nintendo of America

Whether it's the evolution of gaming as players step to VR or even AR - gamers have sought a way to experience games in new and even more interactive ways forever. After tonight, it seems Nintendo looked across the playing field in order to see how to innovate, to bring in more immersive experiences than ever before, and it seems that they've managed being able to do so with the Nintendo Switch. Of course, I know here is where you will ask, "How is that so"? I'm glad you asked.

The Nintendo Switch is the entire reason thanks to the power of being both a handheld console and even a stationary console. It's not just the fact the console itself can switch from being a handheld device to a console. Well that is part of it, but the secret lies in the devices ability to adapt to multiple players whether it's using the big screen or the games table mode. The Joycon is the most unique aspect of the entire device. It's the fact what can be used as a single controller or as one for multiple people depending on how the users decide to use it.

This feature, using even the controllers sensors for NFC, the even more-than-ever-immersive vibration allows fans to feel truly immersed thanks to the new rumblers in the controller, and the adaptive vibration it has.This, just as Nintendo described, will allow for fans to feel sensations that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will never be able to offer with their current controllers. It'll allow for fans playing games such as 1-2-Switch to feel truly immersed against one another as they quick-draw against one another, box against one another, or even try to fill a glass of water faster than one another.

Nintendo's history inspired the Nintendo Switch.

Courtesy of Nintendo of America/Japan

When looking through Nintendo's history, it's almost difficult to point out what parts inspired the new console, and what parts helped Nintendo creatively move forth with these decisions. Whether it's from the Joycon's intuitive design that noticeably feeds from the Nintendo Entertainment System or the Joycon's docked mode, which seems attributed to the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo 64 controller designs. Nintendo hasn't become shy about their history with past consoles.

It's even noticeable that the Nintendo 3DS has played a role in the development for power so that the LCD "tablet" style "Table mode" allows for mobile gaming. The Joycon two player mode also shows inspiration from the Nintendo Wii U, which attributes to the focus on same couch gaming, and even childlike fun. While the Nintendo Switch seems to focus on remaining a family oriented console, but it works out quite well as games that welcome adults as well in order to help grow a more diverse fanbase.

Motion Sense, NFC, Infrared, and Game Capturing

Something that's new to Nintendo is the fact, for the first time ever with Nintendo, fans will be able to capture stills of their accomplishments, and even video clips for fans to enjoy as they play through their games. Doing this will allow them to share their games via social media, much like what the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita/TV, and the Xbox One already do.

What does remain unknown is if the console itself will allow us to share our gameplay through services such as Twitch, YouTube, and or even other streaming clients. For now, the Nintendo will feature many capabilities we've already seen through the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. We'll have to really wait to see how much Nintendo and the third-party developers go to push the new console to the max so that it's pushed to offer the best experience to date.

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The Nintendo Switch Just Re-innovated Gaming
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