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The Pokémon Go Plus Bracelet Is Harder to Get Than Mew

Pokémon GO has been seeking to rejuvenate itself with the upcoming $35 GO Plus attachment, which uses bluetooth technology.

Pokémon GO has been a world phenomenon this past summer where fans easily took to it by storm. However, after that storm quickly passed and numbers began to decline, Pokémon GO has also been seeking to rejuvenate itself with the upcoming $35 GO Plus attachment, which uses bluetooth technology to automatically check in at PokéStops and catch some 'common' Pokémon with the touch of a button.

For those of you wanting one, it may just be as rare as obtaining a Ninetails in Pokémon GO, which means you may not find one. The GO Plus has been sold out on Amazon since July. We're not currently sure when more of the bracelets will become available.

The Pokémon GO Plus releases on September 16, 2016 and should be available for purchase on Amazon and in the official Nintendo Store. But that doesn't mean you'll be getting one on launch day, you might be out of luck.

You Can Find Some Pokémon Go Plus Bracelets On In Some Shadier Areas of the Internet

Even the biggest of fans know that Pokémon Go has been a heck of an adventure to this day. You've surely had the fun of tracking down some of the rarest catches in the game with friends. This means you've probably taken pride for your team such as Harmony, Valor, or Instinct. Your friends and you have had some hilarious moments or frustrations even, but you want to show your pride with the Plus accessory. It'll be harder to find than that Arbak you've been chasing for a good few hours.

Just to obtain Pokémon Go Plus you'll be looking to spend between $50 to $100 dollars on eBay. The downside is that eBay may actually set your wallet on fire and make you regret everything with possibly bootleg or janky units. It would be best to just wait out the hype for this tiny device and see just how many Nintendo launches just before the holiday season. Trust me, they will. This will be the ultimate stocking stuffer.

You'll Definitely Want to Catch a Pokémon Go Plus

Due to its overall scarcity (even contacting Nintendo for a press one, proved unsuccessful - they don't have any at this time) has proven that Nintendo isn't aiming at this device to be widely available, at least at this time, and puts the rarity right up there with trying to obtain certain amiibos.

So, what should you do if you are able to get one? Hold onto it!

Nintendo has made it seem like Pokémon Go Plus is going to be extremely rare in order to gauge how many they should release, which if the app proves, they need to produce a lot, and fast. Luckily for you, Nintendo has stated that their New York store will have units in stock for Friday's launch. So if you have friends or family in the area, it may be a good idea to send them, and ensure that they can help you with your quest of being a trainer.

But due to the cost, you may just want to wait it out and see what Nintendo does as they have refreshed their availability of some of the rarest amiibos on the market.